4 Reasons Why I Love To Take A Staycation

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Staycation… you might have heard the word multiple times but curious what does it really mean. You’re not alone, I used to be in that situation too. What I understand about a staycation is when you choose to spend your holiday in your country or hometown rather than abroad.

For example, I stay somewhere around KL and decided to book a hotel in the city and explore the attractions within the area.
I did a staycation for a few times already and to be honest, it is indeed enjoyable and rewarding. Therefore, I would like to share 5 reasons why I love to do a staycation and you should do it too!

1. I’m able to refresh my mind 

Going for a staycation allows us to escape from the usual routine and environment especially when we have been working so hard to the extent that we don’t really have time for ourselves. With the current situation when mostly we need to work from home and home is not a resting place anymore.

For me, I need a new environment to relax and uplift my life motivation. I can just relax by enjoying the art of doing nothing.

No work e-mail.

No work WhatsApp messages.

Just me and myself.

Talk about a staycation, I heard that those in Singapore can enjoy their staycation with an interesting offer from Traveloka called Singapore Rediscovers Vouchers. A lot of hotels with interesting promotions. I’m green with envy. I still remember exploring some of the neighbourhood there and stayed at one of the hotel in Katong area which I booked through Traveloka. Hmmm, now I’m dreaming of doing a Staycation Singapore!

2. Minimize travel time 

Travelling abroad is fun but then I realise that it involves a long time spent like a plane, bus or train journey. The preparation also can be exhausting and consumes longer period. I don’t like to just go on holiday abroad without proper planning and preparation.

Spending my holiday by staying at the nearby hotel sounds more convenient. I can simply drive or take public transportation and the time to get there probably just less than 1 hour or maybe … 30 minutes?

At least I have more time to relax at the hotel and explore what the property has to offer.

3. I can save the cost 

When I opt for a staycation, I can enjoy the monetary benefits too. I don’t need to buy a flight ticket and arrange my transportation to/from the airport. All I need to do maybe just get into the car and drive. Well, some hotel offers a free-parking service anyway. Save budget, checked!

4. Get to know my own city better! 

Let’s be honest here. We tend to overlook the attractions that are available in our city, right? It happened to me too. When I did a few staycations, I realised that the city I live in has so many interesting places from food, leisure activities, views and more. At least when my friends from abroad requested me to show them what the city has to offer, I can easily bring them around confidently.

Bonus point, you don’t need to prepare a complicated list of items to pack when you go for a staycation.

So, the idea of a staycation is a good way for us to get away from our hectic daily life, to connect with our hometown, and just to stay sane and healthy mind with a short time period of time we have. I can’t wait for Malaysia MCO to ends and have my own staycation.


  1. me too, usually on my birthday, i just check in on hotel that has bathtub, bring some bath essential, light some candles, play the jazz or folk songs and order in some Chinese ~~~

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