5 Reasons Why You Should Own A Cabin Zero Bag

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I still vividly remember the time I spoke to one of the participants of South Sumatera familiarisation trip, Jac, telling her that her backpack is super damn cool. This was last year (2015) and a conversation started when we were in a lift:
Nice bag you got there!” I said to her.
Thanks, it is Cabin Zero” she responded me.
and I said “I really like it. The size and design are just nice. I wish to have one!“.

That’s how I noticed the existence of Cabin Zero. I keep on browsing through their website to see some cool collection of bags ever since I saw Jac’s.

I have been looking for a nice and convenient backpack for travelling hence Cabin Zero came just right on time. My job requires me to travel on a different form of journeys and most of the time I prefer to travel light (try to avoid bringing rolling luggage).

Finally, my long-time-ago wishlist is fulfilled when I received a generous offer from this British lightweight-bag brand to own one of their awesome collections.

Dear travellers, below are things that you should know about Cabin Zero

This is what I love to share. I tried to use it and surprisingly this bag was super comfortable and light although I have so many junks inside my bag. 

#1 Simple and Stylish Design

I am a person who doesn’t really go for a fancy design. To me, the simpler it gets, the better it is. The most important thing is the function and how it made one’s life easier. If you are a person who prefers to have a simple yet nice carry-on bag, Cabin Zero is definitely the ideal choice. 
Their bags come in various designs, sizes and features such as Classic 44L, Classic 28L, Vintage 44L and Military 44L. You may see heir different collections here www.cabinzero.com/collections

#2 Light

The purpose of having a backpack is to travel light, right? This bag certainly meets the needs of every light traveller. With its ideal weight 760g and 950g, Cabin Zero bag is easy to handle and store. The weight is comparatively lesser than the other normal carry-on that I used.

The best thing about it is that you won’t feel heavy although you put so many things inside your bag. This is because Cabin Zero bag is equipped with a strong and thick shoulder straps to support and prevent you from experiencing back pain and etc. 

#3 Secured and Durable

One of the privileges of purchasing Cabin Zero bag is that you will also receive a standard 10-year warranty. It shows how this brand tries to deliver the best for their consumer. The bag itself is made from waterproof and water-resistant materials. 
Besides that, it also has a built-in Globbal Luggage Tracker powered by Okoban, which is a system that allows people to register their property by using the given unique codes. With that registered code, you can get back (finger crossed) your bag when it is lost and then found. How awesome is that? 
Oh, did I mention that if you ‘like’ Cabin Zero Official Facebook page, your warranty will be upgraded from 10 years to 25 years free of charge? 

#4 Generous Compartments

Currently, Cabin Zero bags come in two standard sizes which are 28L and 44L. With the mentioned capacity and different compartments, you can literally put as much things inside your bag including clothes, shoes and other travel essentials (if you wish to travel light with only one bag – which I suppose it is much convenient for you to move from one place to another). 
Besides, there is also a special space for you to safely store your laptop.

#5 Fit for Airline Cabin

Not only cool because of the above mentioned, Cabin Zero bag (28L and 44L) is also made to perfectly fit the majority of airlines carry-on dimensions. Possessing a Cabin Zero bag allows you to worry-free pass through the immigration checking and get on board with peace of mind. 

Click here to see the list of dimensions of all the major airlines in the world.

Somehow it will also save up your time when you bring your bag and store it in the airline cabin instead checking in the bag and you will need to wait for a few minute to claim your bag at the airport. 

Do you like my review? 
Tell me your thoughts about Cabin Zero bag in the comment section below. Feel free to share any of the backpack brands that you know. Should you already own a Cabin Zero bag, share with us your experience/review about it. I would love to hear!

You can enjoy a 10% discount by purchasing any of Cabin Zero collections with my special code CZPOJIE (promo ends on February 12, 2017). Go grab it now!


  1. wahhhhhh, onie suka backpack yang selesa dibawa. Kalau onie pilih backpack mesti pilih dari segi tali sampai la ke compartment dia. hihi..btw, lawa blog pojie!

  2. Their bags are all nice! the one that you chose also fits you very well. We have the same thought on bags, the simpler it gets the better it would be. It looks exclusive, would love to own myself that bag too! 🙂

  3. Aje gile its so nice. But with 760 gram weight its just too much for me #sad but I like the secured and durable sistem. Maybe I should have It #hahaha
    Salam kenal aja, from indonesia. Done follow

  4. Hi Onie, setuju! Backpack ni sangat berguna especially bila kita decided untuk travel light. Onie boleh cuba tengok koleksi Cabin Zero ni. Hehehe. Thanks Onie. Hope you like my new layout 😉

  5. Hi Kak JM! Lama tak nampak (rindu pula kat Kak JM!). Thanks, memang suka sangat kat beg dari Cabin Zero. Maybe Kak JM boleh tengok tengok juga 😉

  6. Indeed Syed. I prioritised comfort and quality the most when it comes to travel essentials. This to avoid anything that might affect our mood while travelling. LOL

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