5 ways to challenge yourself when travelling the world

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Travelling is often one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences anyone could have – but if you challenge yourself, you can really reap the benefits and get much more out of it. Here are just five ways to challenge yourself when travelling around the world.

Travel solo

Nothing else is simultaneously as challenging and rewarding as travelling solo.

Although heading away with friends is always fun and exciting, going abroad alone is perhaps more desirable – especially if you’re looking for a challenge. It could be tough, especially when you don’t know anyone, but the things you’ll learn about yourself will make it all worth it, as highlighted by GloboTreks.

You’ll be working through fears and insecurities when travelling solo, as you’ve got nobody else to hide behind. Being alone on your trip will mean you’re free to do whatever you want – and you won’t have anything or anyone holding you back.

Try some new foods

One thing you’ll learn whilst travelling around the world is just how diverse and interesting different cuisines are. From the fragrant, rich dishes of India to the spicy soups in Thailand, there are some peculiar, unique and delicious meals to be found throughout any destination.

And different cultures hold different dishes as significant – but said dishes sometimes prove to be a challenge for any inexperienced traveller. Head to Southeast Asia, for example, and you can expect to encounter balut, a fertilised duck egg. As 1Cover points out, it’s eaten whole – beak, feathers and all, so you may need a particularly strong stomach to tackle this one.

Do some daring activities

There’s no better time to push yourself to the edge than when you travel. The amount of activities on offer throughout the world means you’ll likely be spoilt for choice – but be sure to make the most of your opportunities. Whether it be bungee-jumping, white water rafting or even something as safe as hiking, it’s crucial you’re seizing what you can’t do at home.

Load your bucket list with the most exciting potential activities you can think of, and then make a point of ticking them off. Whether it’s climbing a mountain or jumping out of a plane, travelling is the best time to do it.

Interact with the locals

Be sure to open up and socialise – especially when travelling alone. Although you may be hesitant to interact with the locals, you’d be surprised at just how friendly the majority of them are. Head to any local bar or restaurant, and you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to spark up a conversation.

Make sure you get out and attend social events, too. Things such as language exchanges are crucial in meeting new people and making friends. If you’re staying in hostels, don’t shut yourself off from those around you – they’re social spaces where you’re bound to make new friends.


Many travellers choose to volunteer whilst abroad. Whether it be on the fun side of things – party tours, club promoters – or something more sincere, such as teaching English in a local school, it’s one of the best and most rewarding challenges you can undertake whilst you travel.

There are plenty of ways to volunteer when you travel, whether you’re doing it solo or in a group – but you can rest assured it’ll be one of the most rewarding things you do.

Any more tips for challenging yourself when you travel? Be sure to let me know in the comments below. On a side note, this is a guest post. 


  1. Did all the above except volunteering.

    Love to travel solo esspecially when in tight budget. Susah nak dapat travel partner yang sama-sama bajet ketat jugak haha… but travelling solo not necessarily cheap because tour package sometimes need min of 2/4 persons.

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