5 ways to experience the charms of South Sumatra, Indonesia (Part I)

Sharing is caring! Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Email From nature wonders to diversified culture and mouth-watering food, Indonesia never fails to entice travellers from all walks…

From nature wonders to diversified culture and mouth-watering food, Indonesia never fails to entice travellers from all walks of life, don’t you agree?

In fact, this country has been one of our favourite destinations in Southeast Asia that we don’t mind visiting it again and again. Here Aqashah, who writes at www.heyaqashah.com, listed some of the interesting things to do in South Sumatra. Let’s roll into it!

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Catching up sunrise in the early morning 

It is one of the most favourite parts that every traveller should experience. So, now you may ask where do we need to set our move for the view?

The answer would be, Tugu Rimau, Mount Dempo that is located in Pagaralam, which is approximately 298KM from Palembang.

Quick fact: Pagaralam – the name was introduced as a feature that connects the nature to another nature. ‘Pagar’ is the bridge that connects while ‘Alam’ is known as Nature.

Catching sunrise means you’re required to get up very, very early before the dawn so you can capture or record a perfect time-lapse video of this natural phenomenon. No worries, you do not have to set your alarm at 2.00 AM but ideally, 3.30 AM should be the best time to make your way up to Tugu Rimau as the journey could take roughly around 40 minutes by car.

Be captivated by the green view of the tea plantation at the surrounding. 

This tea plantation is estimated to be 3,000 hectares width and has been operating ever since the Dutch colonialism over centuries ago, as told by the locals here. Expect to meet the staff for some guidance on how to properly pluck the tea leaves (yes, you’re required to learn and it’s interesting!).

Tip: Hiking your way up sounds better when your sweater or jacket is brought along because the temperature at such high point can go down to 16 Degree Celsius!

What about witnessing natural wonder at Tujuh Kenangan Waterfall? 

For the most part, South Sumatera is known to have a number of waterfalls.

Located in Talang Tinggi, sub-district of Dempo Makmur, it takes around 8KM and 15 minutes from the town. To reach the waterfall, you’re required to do some hiking while being able to see the coffee plantation.

Reminder: It is highly advisable that a set of safety measures must be practised such as wearing trainers, hike slowly, and don’t forget to bring a bottle of mineral water in an event of dehydration.

What’s interesting about this waterfall? Of course, the water looks very clear that you might want to dive in and have a ‘me-time’ in the pool. The length of the waterfall can measure up to 40 meters above the land and is surrounded by trees.

Marvel at the Pagar Alam’s archaeological site, Tegur Wangi

What is Indonesia without historical landmarks, after all?

Not just home to many islands and famous for many waterfalls, Indonesia is also dotted with a few archaeological sites that one can expect to visit. The archaeological sites are mostly a part of an ancient community long before the Dutch came.

Known as Tegur Wangi, it is claimed to be an archaeological site for its remains; statues, stone cists, menhir (upright stone), dolmen (a big stone supported by the smaller ones), monolith, and carving stone.

According to the folklores residing near the area, Tegur Wangi was once a sacred and holy area as there were occasions to commemorate special traditions like funeral ceremony in the event of the death of their leader.

Savouring delightful offerings at Gubug Makan Mang Engking Sebroyot 

Perhaps this is going to be the best part! Indonesia tops the list of being the best destination to have a big feast! Who doesn’t like to eat, anyway?

Gubug Makan Mang Engking Sebroyot, indeed a unique name, will give a taste of various traditional foods such as Sambal Udang (spicy shrimp paste), Gurame (grilled gourami fish), and Kerupuk (Indonesian crackers) which you can never get enough with.

Fun fact: The restaurant was designed by a German tourist and initially, the place was just a cultivation area but ever since there was a major increase in the number of visitors that went here for fishing before it turned to a restaurant.

On a plus side, while sipping a cup of coffee under a gubug (gazebo), visitors are also allowed to soak their feet in the pond which is perfect for chilling out.

Getting there: It takes about 4 hours from Palembang as the restaurant is located in Lubuklinggau. If you are from Jakarta, board a local flight and make your way to Lubuklinggau Silampari Airport. It takes only around 15 minutes to reach this restaurant from the airport.

That’s all for now. Wait for the next article coming up soon! 

This article was made possible through the familiarisation trip to South Sumatera, Indonesia International Mussi Triboatton 2017, which was organised by Wonderful Indonesia. As always, all opinions in this post are owned by the writer.


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