8 Beautiful Beaches in and around Phuket

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One major reason why tourists and travellers make a beeline for Phuket is its incredible beaches, don’t you agree? 

Phuket beaches are probably the best in the world, and it is majorly because of the immense variety of scenery and atmospheres around the island. With the huge amount of choices available, it is no surprise to see tourists heading for their favourite beaches in and around Phuket.
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Another primary reason is the easy accessibility of Phuket and its beaches. Phuket International Airport is a major airport in Thailand and well connected to domestic and international destinations. Travellers can reach Phuket via road and ferries. Koh Lanta to Phuket is a popular route for those tourists who are looking for a convenient way of reaching Phuket via a ferry.

When it comes to the top-rated beaches, there are no simple answers as there are so many of those serene and unspoiled beaches with a perfect coastline in Phuket. There are party beaches that are very popular for those looking for fun and plenty of activities. Wherever you go, you are sure to find a beach that is just ideal for your kind of holiday. So, below is a list of stunning beaches in Phuket.


 1. Freedom Beach 

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Boasting of the finest white sands, the beach is in isolation but has a restaurant. If you are looking for a perfect balance of peaceful time and fun, this is the right beach for you for chilling out.


 2. Beautiful Beach 

The Beautiful Beach is relatively isolated and remains one of the hidden gems of Phuket when it comes to beaches. The hidden beach is famous for its crystal-clear waters and high tide waves. The beach is just perfect for swimming and also has several masseuses in the shade.


 3. Ao Yon Beach 

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Complete with a picturesque scene of palm trees, white sands, and clear blue waters, Ao Yon Beach, comes across as a pleasantly peaceful spot. You get to see oyster farming rafts here and can explore the beachside village.

 4. Nai Harn Beach 

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The powdery-soft white sands of the Nai Harn beach lures both locals and the tourists. As the beach is owned by the Samnak Song Monastery, it has escaped overdevelopment so far. Take a ride in swan-shaped pedalos or fish in the lake behind the beach. The beach is also famous among surfers and kiteboarders.

 5. Nui Beach 

Another beach that should be added to the list of beautiful and secret beaches in Phuket is Nui Beach. Enjoy snorkelling, kayaking, and fishing in the little cove of the beach. And once you are done with the beach activities, you can head for the famous Karon Viewpoint that lies in the lush jungle near the beach.

 6. Surin Beach 

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Surin Beach still retains the raw natural beauty, although the air of sophisticated fun it once had is no longer there. It is hard to resist the soft white sands and clear tropical seas by the beach lovers. The beach still remains a very popular choice among the locals and interactions tourists.

 7. Panwa Beach 

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The tranquil stretch of sand of the peaceful and quiet beach is famous for its scenic views. You can stay in one of those luxury villas and condominiums along the entire length of the beach and enjoy some scenic views and beachside activities. Explore the mangrove swamp and visit the fishermen’s huts in your free time.

 8. Patong Beach 

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The list of the most popular beaches of Phuket would remain incomplete without the mention of Patong Beach. Undoubtedly, the e4bach enjoys ever-increasing popularity, thanks to its gorgeous coastline on the island that boasts of a livelier atmosphere. Tourists love exploring the restaurants and hotels behind the beach and the vibrant nightlife.

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