Apa yang menarik di Laman Seni 7?

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Hi. I know this entry might be so lame for all of you who had visited this place for once, twice or more. I decided to go during the semester break so that this place would be mine. All regions are mine. Ramai dok post their pictures in Laman Seni Seksyen 7 or well known as Lorong Belakang dekat Instagram especially. Cantik memang cantiklah. Applause to those creative people out there. 

I wonder where this interesting place might be? I found out that it is somewhere around Shah Alam and precisely, in Seksyen 7, Shah Alam. Again, kudos to the young and talented generations for expressing their intelligently creative ideas.
I’ll share some of the artworks (not all) for you to see and get the ideas of what Laman Seni 7 is all about.
 Anyway, the Entrance Fee: FREE.

You can use this little sphere shape mirror to take a group photo of you and your friends

Full with great ideas and efforts to make it more realistic. Even realistic when you sit on the painting and take a picture of you (ask someone to shoot a picture of you)

Its me trying to do selfie for myself. I went here alone so sangat rugi tak dapat snap gambar banyak-banyak. Its okay, i’ll show you guys more so that korang teruja nak datang sini
This artwork looks extremely intricate and weird but worth the efforts. Wondering what are the material that they used to produce this artwork?

The things that you use for eating as in forks, spoons, plates. Amazing huh?

This artwork successfully gets my attention. Full with strong messages that are useful to those who doesn’t concern about their health. Think about it again.

This might be the most favorite place for people to snap their picture. Colorful and yet so fresh!
This is my favorite too. Simple but it catches my eyes. 
Not to forget, an artwork for MH370’s tribute
Below are the other artworks. There are more artworks that i didn’t upload it on my blog as i want you to discover and enjoyed yourself. Even dah nampak dalam gambar, masih tak cukup. You need to be there, standing right in front of the artworks and pose for the excellent picture. That’s it, the pictures for your Instagram are ready to be posted.
Compilation 1

Compilation 2
Compilation 3

Compilation 4

Compilation 5
Finally, i’m here. Again, super lame.
I have a video for you guys

My advice is to those yang secara tidak langsung dah sampai kat Shah Alam or any places that is nearby to Shah Alam, you have to visit this place. Its free and you can have your experience with these awesome and inspiring artworks.
Location? Senang dan mudah. Cari saja Jakel or Gulatis (memang terpampang besar when you’re in front of UiTM second gate that is facing to KFC, McD and PizzaHut. This place would be dekat lorong belakang bangunan kedai Gulatis tu. Kalau nak free and privacy untuk shooting, datanglah sebelah pagi before 12pm. Posing la macam mana yang anda nak tanpa rasa segan dan malu sebab tak ada orang on that time. Find it and have fun! I’m sure you won’t regret it.


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