Bali Reopens July 2021: Here’s What You Need to Know

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With the Covid-19 virus running rampant around the world, many people had to postpone their plans for a relaxing vacation. With the creation of vaccinations, couples and families are once again scheduling their long overdue trips to faraway places.

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August 2021 Update – The government in Bali has postponed the opening of the area to travelers for the time being due to the rise in Covid cases and the low percentage of citizens that are fully vaccinated. The travel destination should reopen soon, and travelers should continue to plan their trip so they are ready to go as soon as the open sign is turned on.

Why Bali is The Best Vacation Destination

Indonesia has more than 17,500 tropical islands, but Bali is by far the brightest star among them. There is so much to do and see, something for everyone in your family or party to enjoy, relax or take in while spending quality time together after a universal horrible period in world history.


Bali offers adventures to fit everyone’s taste and level of excitement. From water sports to hiking and biking, Bali has it all. You can ride the waves at any number of beautiful beaches, or take your adventure under the sea with various types of diving and snorkeling trips. Of course, beach sports are another popular past-time in this sunny island getaway.

There are also a number of lakes and rivers that offer some of the best fishing around. Boating and rafting are other water sports people travel to Bali to participate in.

Once you have tried the water, you can venture inland for horseback riding, walking tours, and camping.

Fantastic Foods

Some may say eating is a sport, and Bali will not disappoint when it comes to culinary dishes. Due to the fertile and rich soils, Bali offers a distinctive opportunity to eat well. There is everything from traditional meals to both fine dining and street foods. Of course, there are many international eateries from Mexican or Greek to Italian and many others to tempt your tastebuds each and every day of your visit.


The island of Bali is rich with artistic people that are always happy to show off their talents and perhaps entice a tourist into purchasing something unique and beautiful to remember their trip. There are traditional dancers, musicians, designers, craftspeople, painters, and handmade artisans to choose your souvenirs and trinkets from. There is also a large selection of high-end art pieces that can be shipped back to your home.


There are also many traditional places to spend an afternoon shopping. Walking about the various unique and old-style shops that offer everything from clothing to toys and games for the youngsters.

Before finalizing plans to visit Bali, look at Indonesia’s Minister for Tourism and the Cultural Economy’s website to confirm Bali is open and accepting visitors from your country. There may be a mandatory quarantine period or showing a negative Covid test, or proof of full vaccination status before you can touch down and enjoy your trip to Bali.

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  1. the world needs time to recover and i hope it wont take much long. we need to go out and explore again. just cant take it anymore duduk rumah.

    reading this entry gives hopes..
    insyallah soon everyone can travel again.

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