Bangkok Journey Part 1

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At first, i decided to post the video for this journey on my previous entry. I just found out that it took time for me to prepare for the write up and end up decided to edit the footage(s) and make it into a simple 20 and plus minutes travelogue. Well, this is it. I’ll tell you the experiences that i had during the journey to Bangkok, Thailand with my friend Lutfi!
We decided to visit Bangkok during 16 to 21 January and unexpectedly these dates are the time for the local people in Bangkok do their demonstration against the government and the city is temporarily being ‘shut down’. However, it was quite calm during the time when we arrived there even there are certain places has been closed due to event and for the safety of the tourists and local people there. So, lets start it!

After arrived there, we take few minutes to get some rest before we walk through the city. Luckily cuaca memang perfect (Winter). It’s 16 up to 20 ‘c. So, selesa la sikit nak berjalan tak berpeluh. First we visited Ma Boon Khrong Center Shopping Mall also known as MBK Center from the Chong Nonsi BTS Station and stop at the National Stadium Station. 

When you arrived at the National Stadium Station, you can see many shopping mall nearby the station for example Siam Paragon, Siam Center and MBK Center. Its easy and convenient as you just need to walk a little bit from one shopping mall to another. 

When i walked along the bridge, i can see the local people doing their demonstration and i tell you guys that it was huge crowd sampai ada khemah lagi tempat untuk diorang rehat and i wonder maybe almost all of them yang ada tent tu akan tidur dekat area tu so that bangun besok pagi terus boleh berhimpun lagi.

Actually, ada bridge walk to walk through one shopping mall to another but since ada protest ni, we have to use the road la sebab the bridge was closed for some safety reasons. Look, they still concern about the other people punya safety even diorang berhimpun and buat demonstration. That’s why we have less worry to visit this city.

We choose to go and have a look what MBK Center have for us and i was amazed with all the items and everything that i saw here. Those are cheaper than i thought. MBK Center ni actually macam Sg Wang for us in KL. For those yang just nak try out tengok barang-barang kat sini, i tell you that you’ll end up spending a lot here sebab bermacam-macam barang ada kat sini and obviously murah.

Picture above are some of the items yang you can have with lowest price. But remember, kat MBK ni most of them memang dah set the lowest price dah so bila you want to have the lowest price lagi, the won’t entertain you (most of them). Oh, if you barely able to find Halal restaurant kat sini, you can check out kat MBK Center Level 5 which is ada restoran halal called ‘Yana Restaurant’. The foods there pun memang sedap and mostly pekerja dia are able to speak in Bahasa because most of them are from Kelantan. Jalan punya jalan, tak sedar pun dah malam. Memang extremely tired. The photos below shows the crowd masa malam pula.

Crowd 1
Crowd 2

Some of the souvenirs yang you can grab along the demonstration area. Bermacam-macam jenis yang korang boleh jumpa. But this one hanya mungkin ada during the protest saja la maybe hari biasa tempat ni mungkin akan tenang dan selamat.

Hi! Good morning. Untuk hari kedua, we decided to go for massage during in the morning at the Health Land at North Sathorn. The place is so convenient and big. It comes with a clinic and massage place.

The price to do the massage was not bad. Not too expensive and it’s just an average price for this super comfortable and proper place. We do for the Thai Massage (2 Hours) and it costs us only THB 500  per person which means in Malaysia only RM 50.

Done with the massage and now we ready to explore another interesting places for today. 
Oh! Remember this if you drop by some of the BTS Stations there, you’ll see this one (the picture below) and you must try it! It was insanely delicious which you can always found in Bangkok (I think). I found this during HalalFest 2014 exhibition that was held at Seri Kembangan, KL. I tell you that you must try it! 

We are ready to have a look at the other shopping malls!
We visited two shopping malls for today, Siam Paragon and Siam Center. Nothing much for the Siam Paragon sebab dekat KL we have Pavilion and seems like i don’t feel any special feelings for the Siam Paragon but not for Siam Center. Siam Center best sikit sebab all the shops are specially from the local designers and brands with affordable price and the shopping mall memang nice and unique? Nak tahu sebab apa? Scroll down now!

This is the Siam Paragon another version of Pavilion (For us in KL)

and this is Siam Center. The nice and unique shopping mall. Why? Sebab the interior design for this shopping mall memang nice and attractive. Other than that, semua barangan seperti baju, seluar dan sebagainya mostly adalah barangan local with affordable price and good quality. Apa yang menarik? Masih belum tahu apa yang unik tentang tempat ni?
Look at the pictures below!
Trust me, this is not a boutique. This is the toilet for this shopping mall. Yeah, TOILET. At first, i was thinking where is the toilet and the moment when people told me that this is the toilet, i was like “Whoa! You gotta be kidding me.” I refused to take photo in the toilet as i want you to visit here when you’re in Bangkok. Remember this!

Other than that, most of the kedai kat sini semuanya unique and nice in term of the design for their shop outlet. Extremely beautiful.
During the second day, the demonstration is still ongoing nearby the Siam Center and Siam Paragon. We walked through the demonstration area and there are lot of things that we saw there but just not interested to buy as we have so many places to visit and shop! 

The T-Shirt and others!

I’m got my chance to see this tiny show from these two kids and i just can’t believe that they’re still a kid but already being aware and adapted with these kind of events (protest and etc).

During the night, we went to the other side of Bangkok which is Asiatique where if you take any BTS, don’t forget to stop at the Saphan Taksin Station and walk a little bit to the boat station.
This is the view during the night. You can see there are lot of boats on this river.

Now we’re heading to the Asiatique by this shuttle boat and it’s free for us. It took us around 10 to 20 minutes to reach the Asiatique. 
Well, we are here now. The moment when i arrived here, memang terkesima sebentar sebab this place is just so cool. Macam-macam ada and of course memang padat dengan pelbagai pengujung disertai dengan pelbagai aktiviti. The price for the items kat sini pun not bad and there are many districts which ada untuk clothing, foods, furniture and more. It only open during the night and i tell you that satu malam memang tak cukup untuk ada round tempat ini. 
The pictures above shows the items yang dijual dekat Asiatique. Not to forget, gambar dekat atas tu cuma menunjukkan 10% daripada apa yang ada dekat tempat ini!

meet my crime partner, Lutfi!

It’s almost 11 pm and i think we’re done for today. Exhausted and satisfied with what we saw and experienced here.
Good morning again. For the third day, we decided to visit Chatuchak Weekend Maket. We went there by BTS. Oh! I forgot to share with you something. The BTS Stations here are just well-organized as the people yang akan naik the tren akan beratur dengan kemas and yang penting diorang bagi orang dalam train keluar dulu and then they will walk in to the train (even during the ‘critical’ hours). Walaupun sesak tahap maksima, but still rasa agak teratur.

The view dalam train.
We arrived here at the Chatuchak Weekend Market and it is nearest to the BTS Station which is Mo Chit Station. Chatuchak Weekend Market is the place that you can find market that offers a wide variety of products including household items, clothing, Thai handicrafts, religious artifacts, collectibles, foods, and live animals. For tourists, there are a number of onsite companies who will send purchases abroad.

The views nearby the Chatuchak Market are just beautiful. You can spend your little time to walk along this place and i guarantee for your satisfactions.
There are many people will struggle to visit this place (only weekends). If possible, come during early in the morning around 9 am because during this hour, there are only few people that come to Chatuchak. Like i told you earlier, this place offers variety type of items and yang paling penting MURAH. Baju rare, seluar memang fit to our legs and sebagainya memang ada dekat sini. Most of the items here are with good quality.

Oh! I lost because this of this largest market in Bangkok!

Well, i guess i’m done for today. Honestly, i did not managed to visit the whole Chatuchak Market. I tell you that spending a day here is just not enough! Many nice items and the people who love shopping rare and nice things will go crazy when they visit this market. 
Wow, i can tell that this entry is quite long and there are more stories that are waiting for me to write in this blog. I guess that’s all for this entry and i’ll share the rest in the next entry. Therefore, wait and see! 

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