Bangkok Journey Part 2

Sharing is caring! Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Email Hello there. I’m done writing for the part one and now its time for the next Bangkok Journey…

Hello there. I’m done writing for the part one and now its time for the next Bangkok Journey entry on this blog. It took me little time to write for the next one. Not gonna write that much and i’ll just let all of you enjoy the pictures that i have posted for this entry. Lets start it!

It was a great experience and i wish i can go to the Chatuchak Weekend Market again (There are lot of cheap and awesome stuff there). For the fourth day, we went to Floating Market which is one of the well known places and a must-visited in Bangkok. You’ll experience such unique views in term of the cultures, activities and how the people work for their life there. You can either go by yourself or take a travel tour which i truly recommend you to take a travel tour so that you won’t waste your time being lost if you decided to go by yourself. 

We are ready to ride this boat to Floating Market. 
When you arrived at the center of Floating Market, you’ll see there are lot of souvenirs and foods shops there which you can also spend your time walking around the shops before you take a boat and go along the river to experience the magnificent views. If you decided to take a boat, it will cost you around THB 400 (RM40) per person and basically it will be around 7 people for one boat (depends on the weight of each person). You can also take a private boat.  
Below are the photos around Floating Market.

Wanna know what i love the most about this place? I can find many superbly fresh and delicious fruits here. Wondering where did they got such fresh fruits like these (For me, its hard to find fresh fruits in KL)

The boat will take you along the rivers. You’ll see lot of shops on both of your sides. Souvenirs, foods, clothes, bags and more. My advise to you is bring a waterproof bag to keep all your valuable things (Just in case) because sometimes the boat might get unstable. 

Below are other random photos.

I can tell that the local people here in Floating Market are struggling and work hard to attract the people to buy any things that they sell because that’s the only source that they can have in order for the to survive which i found it very inspirational. The hardships make them work even harder to survive. It was awesome experience to be there and see the activities of the local people.

On the same day we went to the Cobra Show. For this one agak kelakar when i never went to any snake shows dekat Malaysia and now decided to tengok snake show dekat sini. Kononnya percaya bahawa ular-ular dekat sini ada aura tersendiri. What are we waiting for? Jom tengok ular!

For this show, it will cost you around THB 250/450 (RM 25/45) per person and you’ll be able to walk along the Snake Farm and see many types of snake. There will be other exotic animal too such as alligator and monitor lizard. Nothing much for the cobra show but i tell you that the little boy really nailed it when he managed to fight and almost get bite by the snake. Big applause for the little boy. 

Its been a long day for us today and during the night we went to the Patpong Night Market nearby our hotel. As the city gets darker, there will be lot of things that you can shop around this night market and it open for every day during the night.
Finally, it is the last day before we fly back to Kuala Lumpur. For the fifth day, we went to three places in one day which are Maeklong Train Market, Tiger Zoo and River Kwai. 
First one is Maeklong Train Market. It is a train station which consists of many markets along the railway which i finds it quite interesting and yet rare when the people sell many things on the train railway such as seafood, fruit, many other daily needs. On the train railway? Are you kidding me? Am i kidding you? No, i am not kidding and this is serious and not to forget that the railway is still operating. You can see in the video that i posted on my previous entry. 
The railway became famous for its route through the Maeklong Railway Market, nicknamed (Thai: Talad Rom Hoop), meaning the ‘Umbrella Pulldown Market’. It is one of the largest fresh seafood markets in Thailand, and is centred around the Maeklong Railway’s track. 
Below are the photos around the Maeklong Train Market.

Whenever a train approaches, the awnings and shop fronts are moved back from the rails, to be replaced once the train has passed and surprisingly they will have to do it like 7 times for everyday. Too much of efforts i think. When you arrived here, you can see many local people going to this market and buy their groceries which you are not only see the tourists here but also the local people. I was amazed to know that they’re selling frog and whale too. Much exotic i think. Before you wanna go here, do some research and try to ask the local people about the schedule of the train and basically it will be 7 times a day starts from 9.40 in the morning. To be safe, be as early as you can so that you’ll have little time to walk and see whatever they got there.
Our second destination is the Tiger Zoo. Finally, i have the chance to see the bigger version of a cat. From the kid to teenagers until the adults. Drop by here and you’ll have the chance to feed and hug the baby tiger. I guess they’re just too big to be called as ‘baby’. LOL
The entrance fee is THB 400 (RM40) and THB 800 (RM80) for entrance and a chance to feed the tiger there. We choose to enter and feed the tiger. Hola, it was one of the must-do thing (To hold and feed the tiger and most probably will have the chance to hug them). PRICELESS MOMENTS! 
Walaupun at the first place rasa agak takut nak get closer to this tiger but they’re actually friendly and manja cuma cara manja dia agak kasar sikit and end up you might get injured sebab diorang ni agak besar for us walaupun mereka masih lagi budak. 
You can see us playing with the tiger in the photos below.

Not to forget, the friendly guide there too. Walla! So long Tigers. I’ll see you again.
The last destination will be River Kwai. This is one of the most historical places in Thailand where it is a bridge was built of wood approximately 100 meters upriver from the current bridge, during the construction of the iron and concrete bridge and also rebuilt in 1945 when the iron bridge was bombed due to the World War and there’s a popular movie about this place called ‘The Bridge on the River Kwai’ and it was during 1957. Long time ago. 
Agak panjang untuk cerita tentang sejarah tempat ini and you can always search for the details on the internet for it and also don’t forget to watch the movie too.
Below are the photos around the River Kwai.

Perfect and calm views i tell you. You’ll see people doing their fashion and wedding photo shoot around this place because this place is just too awesome to see. 
During the day that we flying back to KL, we still have the chance to see the demonstration along the road nearby Sala Daeng BTS Station. Such a great experience to see the local people here doing their protest against the government. Alhamdulillah, nothing bad happen to us during the days we’re here. 
So long Bangkok, i’ll definitely come here again. 

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