Bittersweet 2012

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Assalamualaikum dan Salam Sejahtera to all my fellow readers.
As we all know, today is going to be our last day celebrating 2012. How can i say to you guys, time flies so fast. Until today, i still can’t really believe that i’m going to leave this bittersweet 2012. So, without making it too long. Here’s my short stories of 2012.

Nothing much for myself. I achieved all my goals for 2012. I learnt lot of things during this year. I failed and try harder to stand back, i cry and try not to show it to others, i’m about to give up but i always trust that in our life there’s no impossible things. 
Alhamdulillah, Graduated as Photography & Creative Imaging student from UiTM Alor Gajah, Melaka. From the beginning, until the end. Lot of things i learnt. From zero and now i became someone, for at least knows the basic things about Photography. Its been tough times i tell you, but no one can change or decide for you, accept yourself. So, you’re the one who going to make yourself successful. 
Alhamdulillah, the only things that i can prove to everyone that i can do the best, this is it.
Being awarded by Dean are one of my unexpected things. I never expect to have this, but alhamdulillah all my efforts paid off. Thank you to the dearest family, lecturers and friends.
I end up 2012 as me, being one of the photography student.

Nothing is special than having times together with our lovely family. Susah senang yang dihadapi bersama, itulah yang membuatkan tali ikatan antara kami sekeluarga semakin kuat dan terus kekal sampai bila-bila.

They are my heart and my soul. Without all of them, i wouldn’t get my chance to stand here right now and writing this entry. Whatever happened between us, i am still going to love all of you. My dad, mom, sisters, brothers, nephew and niece.

Bagi aku, tahun 2012 adalah tahun sahabat buat aku. Spending my times on 2012 with all of my beloved friends, that just give my day brighter with all the laughter, the tears and so on.
All of us been through so many things during 2012, the hard times, the happy times, and the sad times. Well, that’s just a life of us.

Kita belajar satu benda, kita belajar menghargai sesiapa disekeliling kita, kita belajar untuk sentiasa berhati-hati dengan sekeliling kita, kita juga belajar untuk sentiasa bersedia untuk menghadapi setiap perkara yang akan berlaku disekeliling kita.

Seems like, aku tak berpeluang untuk menulis semua kenangan yang telah aku perolehi sepanjang 2012 bersama-sama dengan rakan-rakanku kerana masa tidaklah begitu mengizinkan aku. Tapi, aku nak semua orang tahu. Kawan itu adalah penting buat kita, jagalah hati mereka. Merekalah juga antara yang bakal mewarnai hidup yang anda jalani.

That’s what we called a LIFE. Takkan semua benda disekeliling kita akan kekal selamanya. Pasti suatu hari dan suatu saat, kita akan berpisah. To all my friends, you guys are the best for me. I just hope that we will get our chances to meet again in the future. Thank you for everything. Sorry for my wrong doing towards you guys. Remember this, accept your friends for who they are. Don’t try to change them. If they are doing bad things, try to lead them to stop it and start doing good things. Help each other, and most important is, BE SINCERE IN EVERY RELATIONSHIP YOU HAD.

None of us never expected that we will losing one of our bestfriends, Muhammad Afiq Ashmir. He’s was a good and nice friend for us, its just that Allah Loves him more than we do. I just can’t believe this going to be thing that i will always remember during 2012. 

Even though you’re not standing right in front of us, even though we can’t see you again, but just remember that you’ll always stay in our heart and mind. We love you. 

It took me like quite long time to decide this. I’m here going to end up my 2012 with this entry. May the bittersweet experiences will make me more mature and strong enough in the future. Bring along all the good things, leave those bad things behind. As year by year, i learnt different things, i found different things. Hoping that 2013 will treat me nicely, hoping that i’ll doing good in 2013. Seems like so hard to do this but i have to, saying GOODBYE TO 2012. We will meet again, the same memories but with the different numbers. 


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