Evelyn’s Chocolate House

Sharing is caring! Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Email For this entry, i just wanna share a little story about chocolate. No, i am not a chocolate…

For this entry, i just wanna share a little story about chocolate. No, i am not a chocolate lover but that doesn’t mean i don’t eat chocolate at all.

How we kill our time when some fun games. Done with UNO, now its time for Scrabble.

Tengah stress, sempat lagi grab a drink with these folks. We went to One City Mall, Subang Jaya. The one yang very famous dengan transparent floor. Memang gayat but fun untuk kenakan member yang memang takut pada ketinggian and you’ll literally feel the glass floor is about to crashed and you’ll fall down from the top of the building. Memang scary.
Back to the topic. We went to one of the chocolate cafe in that mall called Evelyn’s Chocolate House. Seems like its hard for me to explain more about chocolate cafe since i don’t really eat or drink chocolate. The only chocolate cafe that i went before was Dip and Dip. This cafe do served almost the same like what Dip and Dip served to the customer but i can tell that there is a little difference in term of the taste. 
I like it so much on what had been served by Evelyn’s Chocolate Cafe. Its not too sweet and yet too heavy for us. 
What people usually do before they eat. Well hello, let it be. It is an art of #foodporn.

Nyummy spider web. Its Banana Chocolate Crepe. RM 21.90

I can tell that the design of this cafe is not bad though. It is the best place to meet with ya friends and have a chit chat together. Of course, the best place to take a picture too.

Pardon me for being so childish
I tell ya. The place is very convenience for us to do photoshoot (only when no one is around).
Wanna drop by and enjoy their good chocolate?
to visit their official Facebook Page

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