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Doing an online research for your next adventure on a multiple or countless tabs sometime can be quite challenging as we commonly ended up confused and losing focus on what we are reading because of information overload and spending so much time lingering on the complicated website from different sources.

Life will be easier and simpler if we could have one platform that provides a variety of information. Travel, for instance, we can find packs of information about hotels, flights, hidden gems, travelling tips and more. I was browsing some tips and flights on the Internet yesterday and stumbled upon one website called FlyKLIA and realised that it does have the above mentioned features. Exciting one!

What is FlyKLIA, actually? 

FlyKLIA is a one-stop social network created by Malaysia Airports made for travellers by travellers. It’s a convenient platform that helps travellers like us to find some useful information about flight and hotel deals, car rentals, destinations from all around the world, helpful travelling tips and more. The articles published on this website are of course produced from the unique insights provided by world travellers.

Some of its highlights:

1. You can book flight tickets, ground transportations and places to stay (powered by Skyscanner).
2. Find inspirations for your next destinations.
3. Get to know more about the place you wish to visit (articles published monthly).
4. Share your travel stories – give tips and rough experience travelling to that place.
5. You can always get updated with all the hip and trendy events happening in a destination.

My Passport to Brag – here’s a great news for you!

Most people love to share their travel experiences across their social media platforms. Well, who doesn’t like that, right? Now, what about bragging your vacation to win awesome prizes? With FlyKLIA, it is possible and this contest called My Passport to Brag.

How can you participate this contest? 

1. Register on
2. Share your travel experiences supported by cool images or videos on the website.
3. Share your article on you Facebook page and ‘Like’ Malaysia Airports Facebook.
4. Participants with the MOST SHARES will win. 
By participating the contest, you could stand a chance to win some awesome prizes including flight return tickets, complimentary stay at Sama-Sama Hotel and airport fast track service. Check out promotions page to find out more.

Instant Gratification Rewards – another great news for you!

Basically, this reward is actually part of the My Passport to Brag program. On top of the mentioned prizes above, you could stand a chance to win another prizes just by browsing FlyKLIA website and brag about your travels to unlock the rewards.

Here are some of the rewards that you can win:
1. Exclusive FlyKLIA passport holder by registering on
2. MITSUI Outlet Park voucher worth RM30 using the trip planner feature.
3. ERAMAN Duty Free voucher worth RM50 by posting an article on
4. KLIA Express (ONE WAY) by sharing your article on social media.

Ways to redeem bragging rights:
1. Perform the tasks mentioned above.
2. The reward stamp will light up after you have completed the task.
3. Send your full name, mobile number and home address to for delivery process. CLICK HERE for terms and conditions.

What are you waiting for? Visit now to get some travel inspirations as well as a chance of winning cool prizes!


  1. Sleek user interface and the rewards offered seem nice. Nak godek-godek tapi dah tengah malam. Hahah.

    Esok nak tengok lebih lanjut. Is this something new Pojie?

  2. Wahhh menarik betul! Bukan setakat boleh berkongsi pengalaman, yang penting dapat menarik orang untuk mengembara juga. Kalau nasib baik, boleh travel percuma lagi. Woohoo!

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