Hello Stadthuys, Malacca.

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Hello people. I’m back with another entry for this blog. Anyway, i’m hoping that all of you are doing fine. Just fine and same goes to me. I’m here to show the happiness of being temporarily free from any classes. Well, that is mean by i am finally in the last week for the semester and now i am currently waiting for my final papers. Gah, luckily i only have 3 papers for my final examination and the others are done. I just can’t explain it how challenging it was for the 14 weeks of this semester but i am totally glad that i did survived. Alhamdulillah. 

Hmmmm. I am now finally have my chance to write something in my blog hmmm… its been a while since the last time i dropped by here. LOL. Enough. Let us just straight forward to the topic for this entry. 
Hmmmm. Dulu title ni ibarat seorang yang tinggal dekat Melaka since aku memang belajar like almost 3 tahun dekat sana. Hari-hari mengadap benda yang sama, kalau keluar shooting pun confirm pergi tempat yang sama sampai kena complain oleh lecturer sebab dah jemu tengok subject matter kitaorang yang asyik sama. Tapi kali ni atas tuntutan assignment, aku kembali lagi ke Melaka and this time rasa tu memang berbeza. Setelah hampir 3 tahun aku berada dekat Melaka tu, kali ni barulah aku tahu tahu dengan lebih mendalam lagi pasal tarikan melaka yang bernama Stadthuys ni. Pardon me, aku memang kadang-kadang jenis yang malas nak ambil tahu sangat. 

Road trip from KL to Melaka again memang best lagi-lagi bila dengan kawan-kawan. 
Hello. This is Lutfi. He’s one of the person yang ikut sekali untuk shooting.

Usah dikau berpaling daripada gambar ni. Inilah mereka Nazrin dan Akmal, budak fotografi Puncak Alam. 

I managed to record all the interesting views of this place again. Wow, terasa macam masa part one diploma dulu. Bermalam di kota melaka ni betul-betul meninggalkan pelbagai kenangan yang sampai sekarang aku masih ingat. 

One of the foreigners that i managed to get along for an interview.

As my point of view, tempat ni still maintain lagi dan tak ada banyak perubahan sejak kali terakhir aku lawat.  Hari biasa, tetap sesak. Ini pulak hujung minggu, memang double sesak and still Melaka la was the best place i’ve ever visit in our country right after my hometown for sure. 
A portrait photo of Jonker Walk taken using my iPhone’s camera.
Another view of Menara Taming Sari from the top of St.Paul Hill. Perfecto.
I am so glad to know that i did managed to do the recording walaupun banyak errors. This was my first time appearing myself in the video as my assignment and i know it’s awkward. Yes. 

This is for one of my subjects, Public Speaking. It requires me to do a recording speech and appear in the video ala-ala hos TV. Dapat juga feeling tu even for this kind of thing. HAHAHA. 

I wish i could visit Malacca again.


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