Hotel selesa di Phnom Penh, The Plantation Resort & Spa

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HOTEL DI PHNOM PENH | Tak sangka pula ditengah-tengah Phnom Penh ni ada juga hotel yang berkonsepkan resort (nature). The Plantation Hotel is indeed convenient to those yang nak explore the centre of Phnom Penh. It is located behind of the Royal Palace which is mudah for us to tour around centre of the city.

Sampai je dekat Phnom Penh around 6 am, terus check in hotel. Luckily we were allowed to do early check in since nak tour around Phnom Penh. Takkan la nak jalan-jalan sambil usung barang bagai. LOL.
What i love about this hotel is that it is located directly behind the Royal Palace and within walking distance of the National Museum, Royal Pagoda and Riverside. To add up, there are various shops and restaurants nearby street 240 – Naturae, The Shop, Bliss, Tamarind, Kashaya and much more. 
Pengunjung boleh menikmati limasa jenis bilik disediakan oleh The Plantation Resort & Spa – Rooftop Suite, Deluxe Pool View, Deluxe Twin, Deluxe and Superior. You name it. Semuanya memang best. Kalau boleh nak je duduk semua bilik. Uh, below are some random photos at The Plantation Resort and Spa. 
The Lobby 

The Room


Spa & Swimming Pool

Bila peak season, for sure hotel ni penuh sebab masa kitaorang pergi pun agak ramai juga orang and we couldn’t book a room before leaving to Siem Reap – end up lepak dekat spa to kill the time. The massage was nice there. Don’t forget to try if you happen to stay here. Overall, the experience was good and this hotel is superbly comfortable. It is one of the best hotel in Phnom Penh. 
The Plantation Resort & Spa


#28, 184, Hybiscus Street, Cambodia
+855 23 215 151
Mark your calender, book your flight and be sure to put this hotel on your list!


  1. jappppp, tetiba macam teringat… macam ada telemovie yg pernah buat shooting kat sini… apapun, hotel ni lawooooooo

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