How Does It Feel Like Trying Out The World’s Fastest Zip Line?

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What’s like soaring 2,000ft above the air at a speed of 100 miles per hour?
Well, it was astonishing!

On my recent trip to Wales, I was privileged to experience something that I have been wanting to do (Yeay, another item on my bucket list is checked) in my life – do the zip line in Europe.

I asked myself “Wait, but you have an issue with height, right?
Yes, I do. I love doing adventurous activities but there is always one thing that could (somehow) slowly kill my enthusiasm, which is height.
I whispered “Dear self, don’t overthink about it. This is your chance to overcome your fear of height. To embrace the moment that you dreaming off“. Then, I convinced myself that if I don’t do this, it is definitely a waste. So, when the other participants asked me, I smiled and say “Yes, I can’t wait to do it!” (Psst, most of them are ladies… malu la kalau tak buat kan? LOL)

That’s how my journey of trying Zip World Velocity, the world’s fastest zip line started.

Zip World – The Heart of Adventure

Zip World is a company in Wales, based at Penrhyn Quarry in Bethesda, that provides visitors with a wide variety of adventure activities including Fforest Coaster (fun speed through trees), Caverns (underground adventure), Bounce Below (also suitable for children but must be accompanied by a participating adult) and more.

My favourite would be Velocity (the longest zip line in Europe and fastest in the world) and Titan (the first 4-person zip line in Europe). I only managed to try Zip World Velocity, however, if I have any chance to try again, I would definitely go for Zip World Titan, that allows 4 people to zip at one time in a seated position. Visit their website to find out more about the activities they offer.

What You Need To Know

1. Price: For Velocity, the price is £60 per person (Click here to see other prices)
2. Kindly check the restrictions for each activity (Click here to get the list)
3. For Zip World Velocity and Titan, it is highly advised to wear gloves and warm and waterproof clothing, especially during colder days. Besides, long hair needs to be tied back, do remove fancy stuff like jewellery and scarves. Last but not least, please wear comfortable hiking shoe or walking boot.

Tip: You may record your adventure but please be informed that using selfie stick is strictly not permitted when doing the zip line. However, you may use your GoPro or any other action camera but it has to be attached to your helmet.
Just in case you don’t have your action cam with you, don’t worry cause you can still rent one from Zip World at £20 something per device (I’m not really sure the exact amount, you may contact them to enquire the rental rate). Please do bring a thumb drive or memory card to store the videos/images after you have done doing the zip line.

My Personal Experience

When I arrived at Zip World Penrhyn Quarry, the staff escorted me to the counter where I need to fill up a form with my personal details and agree to the terms & conditions of doing the zip line with Zipworld. Later on, I was given a wristband before trying out the suit and get all basic equipment.

Here’s the flow:
1. You will be given a helmet, goggle and suit.
2. Register your details by using the number on your helmet. They will use the number as a reference as well.
3. Wear all the equipment and their team will do the safety check to make sure that you wore all correctly.
4. Listen to a safety briefing. Please pay attention whatever been pointed out to avoid any unwanted incidents.
5. Ready to go!

After another safety briefing, the guide asked our group “Who wants to go first?“. I quickly volunteered to go first. Little Zipper was easy, quick and fun. The distance was 500 metre, meanwhile, speed is 40mph (65kmh) and 72 feet height. Little Zipper helps to calm people and be less nervous as well as get their adrenaline ready for the adventurous (and scarier) one called Big Zipper.

What I like about their zip line is instead of dangling from the wire, you will lie flat and literally feel like flying through the air… just like superman does.

Now, this is the moment that I have been waiting for. When all of us are done with Little Zipper, we were transferred (via a big red truck) to the next point, which is to the top of the quarry where I will be doing the Big Zipper. Not kidding, the journey to the top was quite bumpy but don’t let it stops you from taking as much photo as you want – the views are stunning!

After almost 15 minutes ride, I finally reached the top of the quarry. From here, I can see Penrhyn Castle and a panoramic landscape of Bethesda Town. I hold my breath for a few seconds and whispered “Oh my God. This is just stunning beyond words!“.

I was given another safety briefing, sounded pretty serious at the beginning until the guide forgot his word and spontaneously said: “My, this is what happened when I missed my morning coffee“. With that innocent expression, I just can’t hold myself from laughing. HAHAHA!

So, this is it. I am about to take the world’s fastest zip line. Nervous? Yeah. Excited? Hell yeah! Fortunately (but, unfortunately) this time, I was the last person to do the zip line and apparently done it ALONE!

When I heard the instructor said: “Are you ready?“.
Yeah“, I answered it with a slower voice.

Three… two… one… Enjoy your ride, sir!

This is how we roll. Fly away!

The view of the quarry lake from above

That was extremely fast and overwhelming! I screamed out loud but all I hear was the sound of wind. While ‘flying’, I balanced and calmed myself to admire the blue-coloured quarry lake from above. The experience was nothing short but amazing. Truly unforgettable one.

I don’t mind sitting here for hours to express how exhilarating it was, but you are much better off finding out for yourselves.

Visiting Wales soon? 
Don’t miss putting Zip World in your itinerary!
This #OMGBLegends trip was made possible by a cordial invitation from Visit Britain, in conjunction with the promotional campaign of King Arthur: Legend of The Sword filming locations in Wales. To find out more about Visit Britain, simply visit 


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