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Avid online shoppers will understand how online survey can be quite daunting, sometimes. Having fact we are now living in an advanced technology era, we get bombarded with a massive amount of information and this made us feel extremely distracted most of the time.

It applies the same when we shop online. Products, for instance, we tend to be directed to multiple tabs (most are unnecessaries but quite enticing ones) and ended up wasted our time being indecisive on what to purchase.

Well, that is the typical challenge we have to endure in this digital age.

I love the idea of doing online window-shopping as it offers us the flexibility to decide. However, it could be the other way around if we are unable to control ourselves. I experienced it before while browsing a camera gear for my next adventure and various websites popped out on top of the list, which is great but I don’t really prefer when it requires me to go through multiple websites to see different brands and making comparisons.

Now, imagine if you could have one website that supplies you information about different brands in one article, doesn’t it sound convenient? Fortunately, I discovered ProductNation while searching for the best smartphones in Malaysia recently.

What is ProductNation?

ProductNation is a portal where you could find latest product reviews and roundups of various categories showing pricing, consumer favourites and timely in Malaysia. Not only that, it also connects readers directly to the trusted online shops to purchase the items or products they wish for. 
With this, we can save up our time and energy because you know, looking for the best products through online can be a pain sometimes.

Besides Malaysia, they also have reviews of various products from Philippines, Singapore and Indonesia.

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ProductNation’s dedicated team put hours in conducting researchers and strive to give the best experience for the readers by distributing genuine reviews of products in diverse categories including:


You may search for best Bluetooth headphones for gamers, top drones for every budget, and waterproof portable speakers.

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Listicles such as trusty tyre inflators or affordable phone mounts for driving navigation might entice you.

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Home Appliances

Check out these lists of air fryers to create healthier meals, affordable mini rice cookers for students and air purifiers in Malaysia.

CLICK HERE to read more.


You may be looking for ideal makeup removers or Korean skincare products?

CLICK HERE to read more.

My Feedback on ProductNation

1. Listicles are straightforward and compact with details you need and wish to know. 
2. User-friendly website design and navigation. Easy to load. You won’t get lost. 
3. Contents are in English and Malay language. 
4. Genuine reviews from the team made through their manual and comprehensive researches. 
This article is published in a collaboration with ProductNation. Check out their website and Facebook page for more latest reviews of products in Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Indonesia

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    Nice sharing pojie! Bagus gila product nation ni. Mesti ramai yang baca review barangan kat page dia.

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    Nice interesting post, keep it up.

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    I like their reviews.


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