Rumah Terbalik, Tamparuli (Through my own experience)

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When i was in my hometown, i never insist to go and visit any nearby attractions there because i believe that when i’m home, i just want to spend the whole time with my family and close friends. Saying that, i’ll stay home for almost of the time. 

My travel partner, Lutfi made his long-time-no-come to Sabah. I was the one who did my responsibility to be his tour guide. Yang paling kelakar, its my hometown and still i’m asking him “Where is that place?” Damn it! I’m not a good local though. I should have stayed there for a longer time. It was such a relief when you’re able to entertain your visitor. I’m glad that my guest enjoyed with this place (even i knew that he had discovered even a better and fun place before this). Thanks Lutfi for coming, i’m sure you’ll come here again. LOL

Enough. Let us back to the topic. We decided to make a visit on one of the strongest attraction that you can have nearby Kota Kinabalu. It is Rumah Terbalik (Upside Down House) somewhere in Tamparuli. 
Rumah Terbalik is the first of its kind in South East Asia and among the five structures in the world (You can find 3 in Europe and 1 in Japan). What so special about this Rumah Terbalik, tengok nama pun kita dah boleh catch on what is it about which a house that was upside down and all the things inside the house (including furniture to household appliances).
Getting thirsty and hungry? Don’t worry. They have provided their very own cafe and souvenir shop. You can try the Sabahan local foods. 
Opening Hours : 7am to 7pm Daily (including public holidays) 
From my experience when i was there, of course it was quite unique and mind blowing when you see that upside down house. Your mind will literally think on how they made that freaking heavy things like the cabinets and others and put them all on the ceiling. Be careful, you’ll automatically feel quite dizzy after you’ve entered the house. Unfortunately, NO INDOOR PHOTOGRAPHY IS ALLOWED. Anyway, you can still enjoy the upside down design somewhere outside of this house. I’ll show you guys later! 
When you’re about to explore the house, you’ll see this very nice sign that comes with the Tagong (Kadazan’s traditional music instrument). That was the obvious signature though.

The design and structure of Rumah Terbalik from outside (from different angles)

Before you’re about to enter the house, their staff will give another direction for the visitors. She/he will explain on the dos and donts. What you’ll see inside the house and other safety guidelines. Their staff will be with all of you through out the way in that house and explain the things inside the house and any question that you might want to know.

Soft reminder sign to the visitors

As i told earlier, you can still enjoy taking picture with the other upside down designs from outside of that house. Below are some of the structures.

Kereta Terbalik (Boleh post ala-ala superman angkat kereta kancil or anything that you want)

Upside down garden. Wonder why tanah tu tak jatuh-jatuh? You go and discover it by yourself.

See, there are chances that are available for you to enjoy taking picture with those upside down thingy

Oh! I knew this thing wasn’t real or else…. i’ll die drowned by those things that came out from the toilet seat. LOL
Anyway, if you are keen to visit another places, there are another nearby attraction 
  • Tamu Tamparuli (Distance: 1.89km)
  • Tuaran Crocodile Farm (Distance 1.21km)
  • Kiulu White Water Rafting (Distance 1.92km)
or you can simply click here to find out more!


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