Sekitar Majlis AD for Media Studies

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Well, i guess could say that this is the first dinner that i attended for the whole of my degree journey. I’m just a type of person yang don’t really participate any events (pengakuan berani mati and which is not good). I should participate more and get involved with other people. 
Sepanjang zaman diploma, selalunya kena mix up terus with different courses but for degree, it will be only us. Kira macam this is our territory la. The theme for our dinner would be Traditional Malay costume. Easy to get it la nampaknya. 

I choose to be very simple and easy one since tak sempat nak grab baju melayu lengkap. Luckily ada juga yang dressed up in a very simple way. Phew
Muka tak boleh macam boss besar yang untung besar lagi ke? 

I’m with one of my classmates, Amni Ahmad. Very soft spoken type of person and intelligent too!

Me with Anis Adrina. The one who’s able to hold a great responsibility and intelligent too!

Me with Aqashah Ghazali and Khairul Hakimi both are crazy, each of them has their own distinct characteristics and intelligent too!

Look at the set up. Nicely done. Memang terasa berada dalam majlis tradisional melayu

Our picture

Us again
With others Harits (My senior), Bella, Ipin and my classmates

It was nice to see all of them in one particular dinner. Just to have fun, taking picture together and talk about things (that aren’t related to coursework for sure). The event was a success with very smooth flows. Cuma the only thing yang obviously need to be concerned of is: make an announcement earlier so that people can be well-prepared especially those who are doing their internship. Congratulations to all of you! Till then, see you guys again for next semester. InsyaAllah.



  1. wahh meriahnya !
    Amni Ahmad & Anis Adrina– boleh jd nama karakter utk watak novel gak ni hehe

    Salam Ramadhan 🙂

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