Short Stories of 2010

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Hello Readers! Sorry, if this entry might be too awkward. Pardon me! My fault, i am terribly sorry. Hey, i am currently at London used to be Lendu, Malacca. Yeah, the weather? the place? Everything was just the same, still as hot as 200c boiled water. Isn’t hot enough for you? Let me increase it. Yes, first day? Nah, just the same thing happened. Almost late for the first class and and the most funniest thing was the opening for the first class was a song of Hotel California. Can you guys just imagine what it is about? Stop talking craps. People, listen to me please. please.
Its already 2011 instead of 2010. Am i too late for saying this? Please, at least just give me the mood of the new year. Sorry, i am late. Very late maybe. Toned of works/things have to be settled up before the due date and until now i just can have my fully fresh breath and sleep in a very calm condition. Congrats pojie! You just did it.

2010 have left us behind, 2011 has come. Want to know the stories of 2010?
A not so very complete story, but i guess this might be too nice to share with you guys. (perhaps)

Hey, the 2009 left us behind. New 2010 has come. Nothing much, Twitter @pojiegraphy welcomed me for 2010. After reading my friend’s tweets and so on. I slightly thought that Twitter was too nice and extremely awesome. Yeah! Missing my mother and father after seeing the eid’s potraits. Nah, its just so normal to miss our parents. isn’t? Done the Bbq for me to come back to Shah Alam soon. So Long Kota Kinabalu, i’ll be missing YOU so much!
Having my time with my friends, Susanna, Collin, Valentina, Gideon and other people. Sorry, if i did not mention here. As long as you know who you’re, it would be nicer right? 🙂
Memeng, miss the person who did snapped her picture. Where did the person gone? Why the person did not come after that? 🙁 Done with the SPM was just the most happiest moment ever. I’ll be missing the school very much, friends, books, teachers and so on.

Happy chinese new year yeah! Ang pau mali? Oh, too bad im not at my hometown at that moments, if i am, ready to collect the ang pau from my cousin, aunty and uncle. Was thinking to get a new job, first time of my life. Tried to get some experience and extra money. Woot, i can buy the stuff that i wanted to with my own pocket money. Sluuuurrrpp! Started my job as Store Associate at Shah Alam. It was fun and interesting to handle the books and lot kind of merchandise. Plus, that was my first time. For sure, lot of new things that i’ve learned. Thanks to Kerol, Juliza and Shah for being the part of the Job. February? Yes, after its been so damn while. YOU came and see me. YOU came to my workplace without telling/inform me. Yes, its a super prise. The things that made me smile. Pardon me. Everything was just nice and smooth until….. Everything become NULL. Let only God and me knows about this. And yeah, the SPM’s result was just so unexpected. Fully happy & satisfied with e result. Thanks Allah, My dearest family and my friends. For the time and chances. For sure, i got my P License for driving. For sure, a car not motorcycle. Having my time with my beloved parents. Its been a very long time for sure. End with the February.

February left us so behind and March has come. Oh, felt like 2009 was just 3 weeks ago. Tup tap tup tap, see! We’re now on the month of THREE. Lots of memories, broken heart? Nah, this is just a part of human’s life. Don’t you? Life must be on-go. Nothing much for March, just busy with my work. Woke up at 9am and slept at 12am or 1am. Its okay, i am still much fine.

April is nothing, i guess. Nothing much.
This is why i hate APRIL so much.
Waiting for my precious moments, jeng jeng jeng.
Everything was just so fine with APRIL, yeah! You’ve been fooled by APRIL!

Being awarded as the best students of Shah Alam Technical Institute, thanks for the person who accompanied me on that moments and also being the photographer of mine. Thanks a lot.
Its been the thing that i’ve not been expecting before this. Nah, im glad i can see my ex-classmates again not all, but some of them. Congrats to my Sister, Nourfatihah for her Final Graduation day at UiTM, Shah Alam. Im happy for you, wait for my turn! Soon, not too soon.
and yeah, i’ve been offered to continue my studies at Mara Technology University, Malacca Campus for Art & Design courses.
Will be much excited for it, can’t wait to see my new friends and new environment there.

Before off to Malacca, having my last time at my hometown, Kota Kinabalu.
Went to see my beloved family, my friends and others. Ops
Visiting my favorite place for sure, Waterfront. Its been a long time, missing that place so badly. Idk, when can i visit that place again. Sobbing.

End of my job as the Store Associate of Goodbye friends, see you again soon. Thanks for the time. I’ll be missing everything there, yeah! A lot memories as well.
Went off to UiTM, Lendu Malacca. Whoa! Everything was just a new things for me. The way to live my life was just totally diffrent. Grrrr. Met my new friends, Rauf, Wada, Mony, Mek, Syafiq, Izz, Paan, Afiq, John and so on. Too long to describe, pardon me.

New environment, doesn’t mean we don’t really have our good times for most of the time. Problems doesn’t come based to our mood, time, condition or place. Nah, human’s nature right? Glad, i can handled everything with fully patient and professional. Assignments? Yeah, its truly killing me softly and silently. Alhamdulillah, i’ve settled everything. *Pheeww*
Meet with my ex classmates, Ellyn and Farhana, yeah! I miss you guys so bad!
Thanks for the time as well.

Selamat hari raya!
Selamat hari raya!
Nothing to describe for december, just the final week and and and due date to submit all our final project. Pheww!

Finally, i did submitted all my final projects. Busy with the Photography’s exhibition at Johor Bahru. and then, the examination? Gah, it just can’t even get out from my mind. Too bad. isn’t?
Slept only for 2 hours, to do all the revision. Oh my. Totally proud with my final drawing. 🙂
and and and 2nd of october, 🙂
keep on calling me Buchuk please.

2nd was our 1st month.
Done with the examination, grrr! Back to shah alam, currently waiting for any job.
Finally, i’ve been offered to be the sales promoter of Dude and the Duchess, at Empire Shopping Gallery, Subang Jaya. Yeah, to provide more experience for my own self. This is the best way of thinking, stop wasting your time. Don’t be a waster! 🙂
Preparing all the stuff, moved to a new place, new house. It will be much tiring ;|
and Syamimi just loved the pink color room. Thanks umi, syamimi loves this room so much! Muah muah

The result? Hmmmm. okay, a bit flying colour. Don’t worry, there will be more 3 sem left. Try your best again, again and again.
2nd was just our 2 months. Happy, still calling me buchuk yeah?
and farewell, Dude and the Duchess. Will be missing all my friends there, when im off to malacca.
I guess, this would be the ending of 2010. Its been thought me many new things, new experience. Yes, i know this is the part of my life. I will not bring 2010 along with me for 2011, i’ll just keep 2010 for the part of my stories.
2010 has left us behind, and 2011 has come.

If you keep focusing on what you have left behind,

you will never see what lies ahead!

Happy new year people!

See you soon, i’ve to go for my next class. Gah, im hot! Sorry, the weather here making me feels so damn hot. Haha, pardon my words! Allright peeps.
See you again for the next entry.

p/s : i miss everything!
Regards, Pojiegraphy.


  1. one big round applause!

    Your journey of 2010 sgt2 COMPLETE dh

    keep on blogging

    i yakin, akan rmai giler perasan kweujudan u as blogger especially packgae yg u ada. advantage tu.

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