Singapore WTA Finals

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Yeay, holiday is coming again. Its been sunny day in Singapore. The sea of people, great shopping environment and kind of futuristic buildings everywhere. Nah! I’m up only for something, something awesome which is Women Tennis Association (WTA) Finals for 2014. 
WTA Finals was attended by top women world tennis players such as Serena Williams, Maria Sharapova, Agnieszka Radwańska, Carolin Wozniacki, Simona Halep, Eugenie Bouchard and more. They will be competing with each other to win the last title of this year.

With such convenient public transportations in SG, we don’t have any problem to watch the matches as it was held at Kallang Stadium. There’s Kallang MRT Station. We stayed at Orchard Road area which provide great MRT connectivity.
Unfortunately, i felt unwelcome by the treatment of their staffs. At first, we’re allowed to enter the training hall with my DSLR camera and 250mm lens. We even allowed to enter the main hall with these camera equipment. For second time, when we enter the same training hall with different staff who checked on our bag and ticket. She spoke harshly and it was quite disappointing. I believe she had some personal problem. Its okay.
Back to the topic. Yeah, it was an amazing experience when you’re able to see some of world top players in person, right in front of you. What a goosebumps though. LOL *jakunkejap
Hey! I’m with ‘Maria Sharapova’. Woot
Photos below are the crowds during WTA FINALS

The champion’s official trophy. Who owns this trophy? Expected. It’s Serena who owned it.

Hey! Look! Thats gorgeous Ana Ivanovic during practise session.

Sharapova in action! 

Nah! I couldn’t have my chance to get a selfie with Miss Bouchard. Well, this is not a really bad shot too. LOL

Again, Miss Sharapova!

Collage pics of the players

Top: Petra and Maria / Bottom: Aga’s supporters. 

Indeed. She’s beautiful with a classy arrogant personality. But who cares? She’s gonna be my fav player always. Anyway, surprisingly we found Sugarpova during that time! 🙂
P/s: It is worth a lot as i skipped one of my very important class and assignment just to see this. I’m happy 
Enough with WTA. Next location is SG Universal Studio. 
Coming soon. 


  1. Dua dua sekali. Baru start main tennis pun. hehe. Tu yang kena ada exposure lebih lagi. Kebetulan ada tournament dekat-dekat ni, apa lagi terus ambil peluang. Pergh! Nak minat yang cantik macam model je. hahaha. Serena tak nak? kahkah

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