Sit Comfortably and Reduce Lower Back Pain Problems with SpineLief+

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Hey folks! How are you guys doing? I know, it’s been a while since the last time I published something on my blog. Know know dah ramadan and we’re approaching raya soon. The past few months have been chaotic, overwhelming and fruitful for me. Ever since things are getting back (slowly) to how it used to be, I started receiving various collaboration projects, hence, I spent most of the time shooting and editing on my work desk.

Speaking of editing, long hours of editing caused discomfort and pain on my lower back. I’m not kidding. It was to the extent that I couldn’t even sit comfortably for 15 minutes. I have to constantly change my sitting position.

I tried a few solutions like stretching, massages and pain-relief patches. It helped but it requires extra time and effort which I am hardly able to consistently do + the pain come back to me again and again.

While I’m scrolling through my social media timeline, I saw several reviews about SpineLief+. Those looked pretty convincing and yes, I got the Ultimate Maintanence Kit for myself.

So, what’s SpineLief+ actually?

Designed by and for Malaysians, SpineLief+ creates flexible, ergonomic yet easy-to-use products that help to make your life better than ever before. 

For them, “Sitting comfortably shouldn’t be complicated”. That’s why they came out with comfortable cushions for its users to experience a painless and weightless sitting on any kind of chair.. Anywhere! 

We spent more than 10 hours a day sitting down, it’s almost 75% of our waking hours. Without realizing it, that routine exposes us to several discomforts like common back & butt pain, leg numbness and body stiffness. 

If you are like me, spending most of the time sitting in front of my laptop to do editing work, you need this chair.

Why do I like SpineLief+ cushions?

I like the fact that I don’t have to buy fancy and expensive chairs to sit comfortably. We all know that ergonomic chairs are not cheap and not all of us can afford to buy them. 

Easy to install and I can use it anywhere I want. Yes, installing the cushion is not rocket science. It’s pretty direct. The size allows me to conveniently use it in different places like living space, workroom, studio, car, or anywhere.. as long as there is a chair (or actually some of the cushions don’t need a chair pun) 😉

It’s so comfortable and soft. The cushions are made of BASF Certified & Reformulated Memory Foam. They have a perfect medium-firm softness. That means regardless of your weight, the cushions will never become a roti canai (flat) after you sit or lean on them.

What will you get if you buy the Ultimate Maintenance Kit?

Spine Support Lumbar Cushion – to prevent your back from leaning to one side, relieve the pressure and conform to the spine muscle as well as support the natural curve of your spine.

SpineFoam Coccyx Foam – to distribute the pressure on the lower thigh, stabilize hip bone and make sure your butt stays in one place and reduce the pressure on pelvis bone.

SpineBase Footrest Cushion – allows your feet to rest at a 30 – 45 degrees ergonomic postural angle for maximum support and comfort. Psst, it is also equipped with Infused Bamboo Charcoal (antimicrobial and eliminates odor)

Who needs SpineLief+, you asked me?

Those who always sit and wish to correct their posture naturally and effortlessly, reduce numbness, muscle soreness, risk of spine-related disease, and want to enhance productivity and focus. 

Ever since I have SpineLief+, duduk la lama mana pun tak terasa sakit belakang. It works wonders! 

To find out more about SpineLief+, simply visit their website or Instagram account.

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