Top Apps among Malaysian.

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Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera to all my fellow visitors. Nampaknya tahun 2013 hampir melabuhkan tirainya untuk tahun baru iaitu tahun 2014. So, apa plan korang for this new year? Must be fun and exciting. Jangan lupa to recall balik all the best things that you had, all the bad things that you faced and the lessons that you learned. 

Bukan saja bakal bercerita tentang pengalaman pahit dan manis, i’ll write about something that is obviously closer to us as Gen Y. Bercakap pasal telefon pintar, sudah pasti secara tidak lansung perkataan APPS akan terlintas dalam fikiran kita. Agaknya, apa la apps yang menjadi kegemaran most of the people in our country kan? Jom check this out. 
Siapa tak tahu apa itu Instagram, i think you have to do something. Instagram ni is a kind of platform where we can share our photos and videos while the viewers can ‘like’ it and leave their comments. The most famous word that been used in this apps is SELFIE. Word of the year la katakan.


I have this app on my phone. Yeah, its a sort of editing software. Basically, this app is specially for the Apple users but now it can be owned by the androiders too. Undoubtedly, the effects are stunning for your photos! 


I can’t say much about this app. All i know is its a well-known/popular game among the people across the world. Dah jadi trend dah request something kat Facebook when you get stucked by those difficult levels. LOL.

I never had this app in my smartphone. From my point of view, it is an app that you can see all of social networks are being integrated into one app which allows the users to access multiple social networks in one platform. Therefore, it is easy and convenient to use. 
#5 Waze

Aaaaah. Simple, this is an app that you must have on your smartphone. To the drivers especially in Kuala Lumpur, please do install this app as it is the best app where it can direct you to the destination that you want using the route that you never use. The moment you read this, please go and install it!

#6 WeChat

Nothing much for this app. It is still in the trend’s list. So, most of the people will basically have this app on their smartphone but rarely use it. For me it is fun as you can post your status, photos and at the same time you can ‘chit chat’ with your friends.
#7 Flipboard
For this app, it is more likely as the digital magazine. You can access and share the articles of the magazines. Say hello to digital magazine and goodbye to printed magazine. It is easy and yet friendly to use. However, i still prefer printed magazine. 

#8 Dayre

It is a new app, i think. This app is just suitable for those who loves to write, share photos and status. Nowadays, we do not have our enough time to write something in our blog but with Dayre will be the great solution for this. Its like a facebook, twitter and blogger that blend together. Wait, i have mine too. Go search for pojiegraphy. 

It is a platform for those who loves to do instant messaging and video conversation. It is owned Google. 

Awani app provides you a daily news, videos and current issues. I have it too on my smartphone, easy to get updated with the current issues and helpful when you just missed your time to purchased a newspaper in the morning. 

Apps of the year dah revealed. Sources from Astro Awani. Apa lagi, go get your smartphone and download all the apps.

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