Walnut Café & Bar, Interesting Dining Spot in Puchong

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CAFE MENARIK DI PUCHONG | Masa stay dekat Four Points by Sheraton dekat Puchong, we stumbled upon this one unique and conceptual (more to hipster style) café right in front of the hotel. Since dekat area Bandar Puteri ni susah sangat nak cari no pork restaurant or café, so jom kita terjah Walnut Café & Bar.
Dengan lokasinya yang begitu strategik memudahkan lagi orang ramai untuk singgah dan merasai setiap hidangan yang mereka sediakan. The concept and foods adalah hampir sama dengan Plan B dan Acme Bar Coffee (ABC), cuma kekuatan mereka tersendiri adalah terletak pada rasa makanan yang mereka sediakan kepada customer.
Ketika berkunjung ke cafe ini, kelihatan agak ramai orang yang datang ke sini dan ini jugalah antara faktor mengapa kitaorang nak cuba cafe ni sebab curious kenapa ramai sangat. Anyway, how about the price of their foods and drinks? Standard la. Nama pun conceptual cafe, boleh tahan juga la harga but it worth with their delicious pastas! (haven’t tried others yet).

Their main counter
My favourite part – their a must-try tea is uniquely served
Try this! Lemon Grass Tea (suitable for two) RM 15.90
Aglio Olio Prawn RM23.90
Walnut Pasta (Special One) RM23.90

Just like a typical café, they also serve various kind of desserts for all of you. Those look pretty enticing. At first, we didn’t plan to have a dessert sebab kenyang. Bila nak pergi kaunter, terus ternampak these cakes below. 
Variety cakes available – colourful and full with taste
There are so many cakse available for you. Just choose one, decide whether you want to eat on the spot or just bring em home. So, what did we have for our dessert? Jeng jeng jeng
Mine Cake Opera RM 13.90
We had Mini Cake Opera – it looks so delicious right? But, for me, I would love to try the other cakes. Well, seems like the taste tak kena sangat dengan lidah. You can try this one or else try cake lain. Mesti lagi sedap! Bukan jauh sangat pun. Next time boleh try lagi! LOL
As a first timer, my experience here was okay la. The service is quite slow (maybe sebab ramai orang) and most of the staffs here are foreign people and some of the barely able to speak / understand English well. Susah sikit la. But, overall. Their pastas were extremely superb! If aku datang Puchong lagi, i’ll definitely come here again. 
More about Walnut Café & Bar

G-10, Ground Floor, Tower 4&5, PFCC, Jalan Puteri 1/2, Bandar Puteri Puchong, 47100 Puchong New Village, Selangor, Malaysia
Operating Hours
Mon – Sunday (11.00am – 1.00am)
Contact No
03-8052 6607
Official Facebook Page
Official Website
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  1. Waa poser poser poser hahahaha..tgk makanan di bulan puasa terliur plak dah rasa..,mmgnampak menarik cafe ni..ruang pon nampak cam luas jer..makanan yg ada nampak best jer tu..enjoy..

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