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After years of dating, you and your partner are ready to move on to the next step. You’re engaged to be married. Once you decide on a date, time, and venue, you’ll need to send out a wedding invitation suite to all your guests. 

There’s a lot that you’ve got to stuff into this little package. There’s the save-the-dates, invitations, reception cards, and RSVP cards. 

You can choose to go the traditional route or put a modern twist on your invitations. It isn’t unheard of to use pictures. Some couples even include a map of the city where the wedding will be. 

These are only a few ideas you can bounce off of. Keep reading for a complete list of everything you need to include when you make wedding invitations. 


The first thing that you’re going to send out to your guests is your save-the-dates. It’s a small card that does as the name suggests. It reminds your guests to pencil the date of your wedding down into their calendars. 

Most of the time, this little card will include your names, the town or venue the wedding will be taking place, and of course, the date. 

Feel free to get a little creative with this invite design. If you know how to merge pictures, you can create a beautiful photo collage of you and your significant other. 


Next up is the invitation itself. It should fit the tone of your ceremony. For example, if you’re having a beach wedding think white and blue as far as colors go and seashells. 

It should have all the information that was on the save-the-dates but in more detail. You would be surprised at the number of couples that forget to give their guests the address of the venue.


The RSVP is a card that the guests check off letting you know if they can make it to the wedding. You’ll include an addressed and stamped envelope that they can use to send the card back to you. 

Be sure to add a date for the guests to send the card back by. The last thing you want is to receive an RSVP on the day before your wedding. 

Some couples choose to provide the meal options for the reception on the RSVP card. This way, your guests can check off their preferences and highlight any dietary allergies. 

Reception Card 

The last thing you’ll include in your wedding invitation design is the reception card. It will tell your guests where the event will be, as well as the date and time. 

The reception card is technically an invitation to a party, so you can go as out of the box as you want. 

Create the Perfect Wedding Invitation Suite

After you find out when and where your ceremony is going to be, it will be time to design your wedding invitation suite. The complete package will include your reception card, RSVPs, save-the-dates, and the invitations themselves. 

Every part will be vital for giving your guests all the information they need concerning your big day. For more tips that will help you with your wedding planning, feel free to explore the rest of our blog. 


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