Where is the humanity among our society?

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Source: The Star

Reading through the local newspaper today and i was touched to read the issue of a 10-years-old girl been raped by a 50-years-old guy. I will not write about it more. Therefore, i did take a photo of the article so that you can take a look at it.

Nowadays, macam-macam perkara berlaku in our country. Killing people, sabotaj-ing others property and more. Seems like all these are the culture of our people. It happened everyday, all around you and sometimes you may think that it is just a normal thing and no longer get surprised by it. Try to look back and think about this, if there are lot of people commit crimes in our country. Can we declare Malaysia as a peaceful country? Is it safe for us to go out and mix up with the community? or even is it safe for us to go out from our home? 
One of my opininion is, the police should focus more on the serious issue instead of the not-so-important issue and you may have the visual about what is the not-so-important issues. 
Poor them. Poor the little child. Poort the whole family especially the parents. 
Jimmy Yap questioned what was wrong with the society, saying “Where is the humanity?” 
Suhana Lina Sarkawi also questioned : “What was happened to our society? Where is the love?”
To me, this is just another thing that all the people should have a look and take this as a serious thing. Start to make a step in preventing such thing like this. All the parents, please be extra aware with your children. 
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