3 Quirkiest Things to Consider When Choosing Hotel to Stay – Half the Fun of Travel

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I indulge my passion in travelling by exploring the world to experience what it has to offer – discovering breathtaking places, making new acquaintances from all walks of life, learning new and diverse cultures that are different from ours, and of course savouring delicious and unique food from around the world.
When we talk about travel, there will always be the top things I consider prior to travelling, which consists of the four Ws and One H – where to go, where to eat, what to see, how to go and most importantly, where to stay.

Where I stay is always at the top of my list when planning for a holiday, as it will be where I re-energize throughout my trip. Having said that, these are the three unique or quirkiest things I will consider when selecting a hotel. Looking for a specific type of hotel to stay in is half the fun of travel for me. Let me take you through some easy steps to book the perfect hotel.

Source: Hotels.com website
First, how do I search for a hotel with the traits that I want? Simple, I use Hotels.com features to fulfil my requirements. 

Instagrammable hotel

Let’s face it. Social media, somehow, has changed our way of travelling. I love to inspire people to travel the world by sharing my travel photos across social media platforms. This encourages me to search for amazing tourist spots where I could have “my” moment and take beautiful photos in order to entice my followers. When booking a hotel, for instance, I always look for distinctive décor particularly minimalist interior and exterior designs. Providing a great amount of natural light and spacious spaces are definitely an added bonus to the hotel.

Source: Hotels.com website
With Hotels.com, I am able to search for my favourite hotels and check on the gallery to see if it fits my request. Every hotel will have a number of images for guests to look at. 
One of my favourite hotels with amazing interiors and exteriors: 
Source: Hotels.com website
The swimming pool at The Siam Hotel
Source: Hotels.com website
Stunning exterior of The Hanging Gardens Bali
Looking for Instagrammable hotels? With Hotels.com, it’s easy. 

Room equipped with a cool bathtub

This might sound odd but I love hotels that offer unique and comfortable bathtubs. To me, the bathtub design is a work of art. Cool bathtubs give me a sense of my own private in-room spa where I can spend my time to refresh and reenergize after a long day of exploring the country I’m in, by dipping myself in a warm and steamy bath tub while listening to some relaxing music. Care to make a splash? Look for a hotel that could promise you cool bathtub, you will definitely have a good time.

Source: Hotels.com website
To look for rooms with bathtubs, simply use the sort by menu to display hotels based on favourite, price, distance, star and guest rating
Source: Hotels.com website
or just tick bathtub in room on the search filter menu so that you will see hotels that offer a room with a bathtub. 
Source: Hotels.com website
I found mine! It is The Siam Hotel, which features one of my favourite bathtubs. 

Serving unique local dishes

Discovering unique food is the essence of travelling. There is no better way to understand a foreign culture than to take a bite out of it. That is what I always think of when visiting other countries – to taste their local food. When deciding where to stay, I will always look for a hotel that has restaurants serving unique local or traditional food. When I don’t feel like going anywhere, my adventure continues at the hotel that I’m staying in.

Source: Hotels.com website
Source: Hotels.com website

Before proceeding with a booking, I always ensure the hotel serves a good breakfast. I’ll check on the main amenities info and use the gallery feature to have a look at the food menu served at the hotel. Interestingly, Hotels.com also has this Loved by Guests feature where I could identify some highly recommended hotels.

Thanks to Hotels.com for having such great features such as sort by allowing us to list out the hotels based on favourites, star rating, distance and price. Not only that, we can also filter the hotel based on several categories like accommodation type and facilities. Last but not least, it has a photo gallery for us to get an idea of how the hotel looks like, which is helpful for me in deciding where to stay.

With the features that Hotels.com has, my planning process was smooth, less complicated and frankly quite fun. I saved a lot of time, energy and of course money. The only thing that I need to do after that is to travel and have fun as much as possible!

Planning really is half the fun of travel! Give it a go today with this special code 8OFFHTFOTMY to enjoy 8% off your next trip with Hotels.com. 

Happy travels! 
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What are your quirkiest travel planning habits? 

Tell us in the comment section below!

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  1. Same here. Tapi kalau i, i lagi pentingkan makanan sedap.. thanks for the code. I boleh jimat bila booking hotel. Cool write up Pojie. Keep it up!

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