3 Ways Malaysians are Paying It Forward

Sharing is caring! Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Email Because sometimes all you need is just that random act of kindness.  Not sure where to begin? Or…

Because sometimes all you need is just that random act of kindness

Not sure where to begin? Or need some ideas to kick start your journey? Here are 3 beautiful acts that you could take inspirations from Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad’s (MAHB) Pay It Forward campaign:

 Unforgettable PSA 

As the operator of Malaysia’s main gateway, Malaysia Airports understood the need to educate the public on proper toilet etiquette and how an individual could pay forward the kindness of a clean toilet to other users. 

Because a clean toilet is a necessity, guys. And they’ve done a cheeky poster for it too. Funny and cute doodles? We’re on board!

 Start em’ young 

MAHB understood that the best way to Pay It Forward is to instil good habits from young. 

In line with that, pupils from various schools were invited for a grand tour of the airport where they also had the chance to learn about proper toilet etiquettes and basic personal hygiene. Students also participated in an essay competition titled “Let’s keep our toilets clean”. 
The best part is the winners can now practice their own Pay It Forward act by sharing their knowledge with the entire school community.

 Practicing mindfulness 

Whether it is queuing up for your favourite roti canai or using klia2’s washroom, one should always be mindful towards others. This simple but overlooked act could create a ripple effect because imagine if EVERYONE cleans up after themselves at the washroom…the world would be a better place, truly

Thank you MAHB for reminding us of this small but mighty gesture. Now let’s Pay It Forward!

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