5 Coolest Places To Stay With Hotels.com on My Bucket List

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The moment I successfully book my flight for my next adventure, I am always filled with excitement of exploring the destinations I am about to visit, which involves of discovering unique cultures, unveiling some alluring landscapes as well as embarking on an exciting adventure and so much more.

After all, each journey we take will surely be one that is always remember, right?

Besides activities, one fundamental element that I always consider to ensure my journey is smooth, filled with lots of fun activities and at the same time a relaxing one, is selecting an ideal accommodation to relax and refresh in.

With countless accommodation options from international chains, boutiques to resorts – I usually use Hotels.com to find the best hotels that possess traits and offerings that match my preferences closest.

Besides an exciting travel experience, I have no doubt you guys will be on the lookout for some of the coolest and unique places to stay.

With that, here are my top picks (read: bucket list) of cool places to stay in the world.

Alila Ubud (Bali, Indonesia)

Source: Hotels.com Website

Loved by Guests of Hotels.com, Alila Ubud is one of the 5-Star luxurious resorts in Bali that grants guests an opportunity to indulge in a serene tropical setting – surrounded by lush green forests.

Source: Alila Ubud Hotel on Hotels.com website

Besides its lux wood-cladded rooms, what I love about this property is that it has a huge picture-perfect infinity pool overlooking the valley. I can just imagine myself relaxing in it, sipping some refreshing drinks while enjoying the breathtaking views the property has to offer.

Andon Ryokan (Tokyo, Japan)

We generally know that most hotels in Japan might cost us an arm and a leg but there is still a chance for us to find places of accommodation with affordable prices and excellent facilities.

Source: Andon Ryokan on Hotels.com Website

Ando Ryokan, which is a traditional guesthouse located in a quite neighborhood, happens to be one of them.

Source: Andon Ryokan on Hotels.com Website

If you are into architecture photography like me, this property is undoubtedly a perfect sanctuary for you as it features stunning interior and exterior designs. On top of that, you can also participate in some of their interesting events like Japanese calligraphy lessons, origami workshops and tea ceremony presentations, which is what makes this property to be Loved by Hotels.com Guests.

Hotel Capuccino (Seoul, Korea)

Source: Hotel Cappucino on Hotels.com website

If you are looking for a hotel that has vintage vibe to it, Hotel Capuccino in Seoul is certainly the one for you. Conveniently located in the heart of the city, this hotel impresses the guests with its modern and minimalist interior design from the cafe, to the restaurants and rooms.

Source: Hotel Cappucino on Hotels.com website

I could imagine myself sitting down at the end of the communal table and searching for inspiration for my next journey, reading my favorite books and simply enjoying what the hotel has to offer or perhaps just opt for a refreshing drink.

Source: Hotels.com website

And surprisingly, Hotel Capuccino just a few steps away from various tourist attractions. It will be easier for me to wander around the vicinity.

Mai Chau Eco Lodge (Vietnam)

The Vietnam countryside is blessed with an abundance of natural wonders, making it as one of the major reasons why nature enthusiasts are flocking to this land. One of the gems in Mai Chau valley, where Mai Chau Eco Lodge is situated.

Source: City Pass Guide website

This community-minded gem grants its guests a valuable opportunity to delve into Vietnamese tribal culture and immerse in spectacular nature setting.

Source: VnEconomicTimes and Impressive Travel Vietnam official website

I have been dreaming of waking up to a magnificent panoramic view of the valley and experiencing the local lifestyle firsthand by joining locals on their daily errands – that’s what travelling to me really is.

Due to impeccable offerings, Mai Chau Eco Lodge has been listed as the Top Hotel by Hotels.com. Hopefully I can make my way there and experience its facilities very soon.

Terrapuri Heritage Village (Terengganu, Malaysia)

Terrapuri Heritage Village is one of my favourite places to stay at when in Terengganu, Malaysia. Located at Kampung Mangkuk, this gem is also part of a conservation and restoration project seeking to preserve classic Terengganu Malay houses.

Source: Terrapuri Heritage Village on Hotels.com website

In line with its concept, this property features traditional facilities including a wooden bathtub, a library with antique furniture and more.

Source: Terrapuri Heritage Village on Hotels.com website

If ever I wish to detach myself from the virtual world, I will definitely choose to rejuvenate here – breathing in fresh and breezy air, admiring the beauty of the surrounding village, enjoying a cooling coconut drink and indulging in the local culture.

No matter which destination I want to go in the world, Hotels.com helps me plan and search through a wide range of properties to suit my preferences and make my stay more comfortable.

Planning really is half the fun of travel! Give it a go today with this special code 8OFFHTFOTMY to enjoy 8% off your next trip with Hotels.com. 

Happy travels! 
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Do you have any cool hotels to share? 

Tell us in the comment section below!

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  1. For some people, they tend to find the cheapest but comfortable to stay when travelling due to the fact that they are just going to sleep there (I mean they will spend more time outside)..

    But if the trip is more for relaxing and to enjoy all facilities provided by the hotel, a great hotel is the key 😀

    Thanks for sharing! Love all of them you shared up there 😀 If I need to choose one, I will go for the lodge in Vietnam! 😀


  2. My vote goes to Alila Ubud Hotel, Mai Chau Eco Lodge and Terrapuri Heritage Village. Those places have such an amzing view and scenery. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. jalan2 di sini RINDUUUU! eh? haha ok i'd pick that cappuccino lahh coz it looks modern, cozy in the same time and err assuredly, serving GREAT coffee! LOL a coffee addict is here hehe

  4. Hi Hanis, I guess I have to agree with what you have said. Many of us (especially budget traveller) will prioritize experience over place to sleep as most of the time we will be wandering around the city or doing various activities.

    Same goes to me but again it depends. If you really wish to relax and rest, then hotel will be the top priority. That's why Hotels.com really helpful for me in this case!

    High five! Mai Chau Eco Lodge is my most favourite place to stay.

  5. Gosh! Hey my geng gaduh. Hahaha!

    Of course la kan you would definitely pick Hotel Cappuccino (you kan Korean girl, remember?). I like it too especially the design – simple yet attractive.

    Hello queen of food and coffee!

  6. Fuyooo bestnya tempat2 yamg pojie kongsi kat ats ni.. Terapuri tu lima minit jer daru rumah mertua kak lya..lau balik kampung selalu jugak laa g kat situ tangkap2 gambar kat luar kawasan.. nak masuk mmg tak boleh hahahaa..

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