5 ways to keep your holiday costs down

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Planning a holiday? Everyone needs a good getaway from time to time, yet many find that the costs involved in the holiday make it difficult to warrant. There are many costs to consider when planning a holiday, including travel, accommodation, food, activities, insurance, car rental and to name a few. It can all add up, but there are always ways that you can make big savings on a holiday which can make the trip more affordable and won’t leave you constantly fretting about money during the experience. 
So, if you feel the need for a vacation but you want to keep the costs down, then read on for a few suggestions.

1. Stay Local

You do not necessarily have to leave the country for a holiday, and this is becoming an increasingly popular option for holidaymakers as you can save so much money. For example, people in the UK are blessed that the country is a beautiful and diverse place with many great cities and country areas to explore which can allow for a lovely holiday with something for everyone.

2. Travel Off-Peak

The prices for travel, accommodation and just about everything skyrockets during the school holidays. If possible, try to book your holiday for the off-peak season when the kids are back at school as you could make significant savings. You could also look to travel at a time like winter where places are usually much quieter and more affordable and will provide a different perspective of your destination.

3. Empty Leg Flights

If you like the idea of indulging in luxury, but you do not want to pay through the teeth, then it is worth looking into empty leg charter flights where you can book a seat on an empty return flight on a private jet. The prices are slashed for these flights, and they allow you to enjoy the incredible experience of flying on a private jet. The only downside is that there is not much flexibility in terms of airports and flight time, but it will certainly be a memorable experience!

4. Self-Catered Accommodation

One of the significant costs involved in a holiday is the food as often you will have to eat out for each meal. Self-catered accommodation allows you to prepare your own food, which helps you to make big savings as well as enjoy meals in the privacy of your own home away from home.

5. Book Ahead

Good planning is crucial if you want a holiday which is both affordable and fun. You can usually save a fair amount of money by merely booking aspects of the trip well in advance, which will also help you to develop an itinerary so that you know what you are doing each day.

Holidays are essential experiences which everyone needs from time to time. They can also be incredibly expensive if you are not careful, which can, understandably, make people hesitant to plan a trip. This is a shame because they can have such a positive impact on your life, and there are always practical ways to bring the costs down to make them much more affordable.


  1. In my opinion, the main reason for travelling is because we want to see the world, experience the things we haven't discover so a budget travelling would always be my top priority. Nice tips sharing!

  2. For me, I love to do a price comparison on different websites to hunt for the best rate for flight, accommodation, entrance tickets, holiday packages, and so on. I can always found a great bargain by doing so.

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