9 reasons why Hong Kong is the friendliest destination

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Are you living in Canada and planning to visit exotic destinations at the end of the pandemic era? Of you, days will change for the better, and travellers will start exploring the world once again. 

Think of the place you will visit first, just after days of travel restriction. If you have Hong Kong in your mid, then you have bumped across the right site. Start thinking about travelling and book your tickets by Cathay Pacific. You will find numerous flights connecting Toronto and Hong Kong. Get the best deals and buy a round trip, which won’t make a hole in your pocket. 

Why is Hong Kong the friendliest destination?

There are several reasons stating Hong Kong being the most preferred to be the most desired destination. The people are friendly, and you experience a vibrant multicultural ambience. Some of the points are discussed below.

1. It’s multicultural, a blend of Western and Chinese customs: Hong Kong has been the set of British power for long

Hence you will find Western culture here. Communication is never a big issue, and almost everybody speaks English. You can visit a high-altitude café in a sky scrapper and then go to a Chinese pagoda for prayers. Enjoy the special lunch menu at the Winter Solstice fair and join the mass prayer at Saint John’s Cathedral. 

2. Cuisine from all over the world: Hong Kong is rightly known as the culinary capital of Asia

You may try the dim sum and pamper by the local style of seafood. You will also find Japanese, Thailand, Indian, Korean, and even African food in the streets and restaurants of the city. In a word, Hong Kong invites people from all across the globe to share their experience and enjoy food suiting respective taste buds.

3. Resplendent shopping malls: Hong Kong is famed as the shopping capital of Asia

Hover around the street corner shop or the resplendent malls; you will find everything under the same roof. Luxury brands sporting garments, electronic goods, and cosmetic jostle spaces in the malls drawing the visitor’s attention. The duty-free shops are the best option to buy products at a lower price during the sales season. 

4. Best sightseeing: You will see some of the best viewpoints in the world in Hong Kong

Visit the Victoria Peak or the cruise by the Star Ferry, you’ll admire the ‘Bird’s eye view’ and the mind-boggling cityscape. If you admire photography, you’ll capture some great views to be cherished for a lifetime.

5. Family and kid-friendly destination: If you want to entertain your family, especially with your kids, there is no city on earth more beautiful and attractive than Hong Kong

Visit Disneyland, Hong Kong space museum, and you will live the most enticing moments of your life. 

6. Vibrant and colourful night: Hong Kong offers a vibrant nightlife with many fun-filled activities to satisfy your vacation spree

You can roam across the city to enjoy night sports, street food, music, dance, or even movies. You may take a night cruise across the Victoria harbour and enjoy the Symphony of Lights. 

7. Shooting sights for local and Hollywood movies: if you are a movie freak, you are in the most suitable land in Hong Kong

Explore the places where scenes were shot for the film like Doctor Strange, Ghost in the shell, Transformer 4, and many more. See the statue of Bruce Lee, the famous action hero from ‘ Big Boss’ and ‘ Enter the Dragon’. Jackie Chan, the renowned actor from Hong Kong, has his childhood memories carefully preserved as tourist attractions. 

8. Easy access to visa: Visit visa is given to citizens from the UK on a 180-day stay basis

Citizens from Australia, Canada, the EU, and New Zealand can enter the country based on a 90-day visa. The process of entry visa is quite friendly, but of course, nontolerant to any evil intentions. 

9. Well connected with the world: Hong Kong city is well connected with the world by flight and other ways of communication

Hong Kong is the business hub, has well-facilitated connections with major cities in Canada, the USA, Africa, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Moreover, the city has an excellent intra-communication system like the subway system, bus, tram, ferries, and many more. A single Octopus card will enable you to travel across the city.

Make your visit to Hong Kong the most cherished memory and book your tickets at the earliest.


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