9 Things Teens Wish Their Parents Knew

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I wrote this entry on behalf the teenagers out there.

I assume that people whom going to read this entry is a kids, teenagers or adolescence. There’s no such things that you are as a kids/teenager to read this. Soon, you’ll be a parent. Its just how long it takes is the matter. To parents out there, what actually you thought on your kids? what actually you expects them to do in their life?
Yes, you guys have your own answer for every question above.
Parents, you should know this.
Here’s 9 Things Teenagers wish their parents knew.

1. Times have changed.
You may think you know what it’s like to be a teenager — after all, you once were one. But times have changed, and a new breed of pressures and dangers are facing your teen. Sex happens younger; binge drinking can start as early as middle school; gambling is available to anyone on the Internet; and alcohol, marijuana and prescription drugs are hardly considered dangerous anymore (even though they are actually more dangerous than ever). You may know what it’s like to be a teenager.
2. Teens need help managing the stresses and pressures in their lives.
Have to know this. Must to. Everyone really-really wish for this. The need the help about to do managing the stresses and pressures in their lives. They tend to do many things in their life, but at the same time they wish they can manage their life without any stresses and pressures.
3. Teens want more responsibility (and the trust that comes with fulfilling those responsibilities).
In a hurry to grow up, teens are willing to prove their maturity and readiness to take on more responsibilities. Part of their motivation is to gain your trust and additional privileges, but another part stems from simply wanting to feel valued.
4. Even “good” kids act out every once in awhile.
It is the very nature of adolescents to push boundaries. Even teenagers that get straight A’s, come home on time and treat their parents with respect might be caught lying a time or two.
Resist the temptation to label your teen a “good” or “bad” kid. If you’re watching carefully enough, you can always find your child making mistakes. While it’s important to set rules and monitor your teen, it is equally important to catch your teen doing something right and praise their efforts.
5. Teens need time to relax and unwind.
Parents often underestimate how difficult it is to be a teenager. Between school, peer pressure, family conflict and trying to define their identity, adolescents confront a great deal of stress on a daily basis. In fact, teens cite stress as the number-one reason they use drugs or alcohol. Remaja juga perlu masa untuk buat something yang boleh buat dorang happy. They enjoy each day. Its whether they likes to play sports, read books, play computer and etc.
6. Teens want their parents to be proud of them.
Remaja juga memerlukan perhatian daripada parents dorang. Sometimes, dorang akan lebih gembira bila mak ayah bangga dengan sesuatu pencapaian yang diraih oleh mereka. Walaupun pencapaian tu kecik je. Siapa lagi nak bangga dengan diri mereka kan? Kalau bukan ahli keluarga, for the most Their parents. Teens already spend their days assessing how they measure up and feeling badly about themselves – they are relying on you to be their biggest supporter. Hello, aku pun pernah rasa yang ini, memang sangat-sangat aku perlukan pada saat-saat aku bergelar seorang remaja yang masih lagi mentah.
7. Teens hate when their parents fight.
Conflict at home is unsettling for everyone. If you’re struggling to set a good example, get help from a marriage and family therapist or other professional. Don’t take it out on your kids.
Remaja akan rasa down gila gila when they saw their parents fighting. Seriously.
8. Teens care what their parents think.
Peers have a great deal of influence on your teen, but studies show you have more. Yes, care about what our parents think is what we always thought. We do care whats on their mind.
Teenagers out there, do you?
9. Sometimes, we do really needs our parents to understand and support us.
Please my dear dad and mom, do understand and support in everything we do.
10. Your teen really loves you.
Your teen may not show it, but they really do love you. As they grow into adults, they pull away so they can establish their own identity. Don’t take the distance personally – you are the most important person in your child’s life, and staying connected during adolescence means even closer bonds in adulthood.
/ picture of last raya celebration as fresh teenagers /
Luckily, my dad and mom knew what i want and wished for. Regarding our normal life.
Yeah, i should admit this. Tsk Tsk. I’ve been through the life as unstable teenager. Go read this!


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  • 08/22/2011

    SETUJU !

    #perlu ke capslock? haha

  • 08/23/2011

    i am totally agree with your thoughts..
    semua point tu memang sangat kena dengan keadaan remaja sekarang..

    parents and sibling really should check this out !!! susah untuk brkomunikasi dgn depa ni kdg2..mybe klo baca artikel macam ni depa realize kan?


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