A Checklist for a Luxury Vacation

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Everyone deserves a bit of luxury now and then. 

We all have different ideas of what that means to us – some people feel luxurious simply lying back in a bubble bath, while others want to splash the cash in designer stores. One of the best ways to feel pampered is to indulge in a glamorous getaway that leaves you feeling refreshed and relaxed. Here’s a quick checklist of how to plan for your ideal luxury vacation.


Before we get to the fun part, it’s crucial that you get the essentials out of the way.

Once you’ve decided where you want to go, you’ll need to research whether or not you’ll need immunizations for the country you’re visiting. You’ll also need to give yourself plenty of time to update your passport and check if you need a tourist visa. Travel insurance, accessing your money while abroad and emergency contacts are all aspects that might not be luxurious but are much easier to think about before you head off than once it’s too late.


Even before you arrive at your destination, you can add some luxury to your trip. Of course, first-class seats on your plane or train can help to make the journey more extravagant, but you achieve a sense of luxury without spending too much on your tickets. A good neck pillow, sound-canceling headphones, and your favorite drink will make the experience far more enjoyable. Create a playlist to last the entirety of your journey and wear comfortable clothes.


Where you stay once you arrive is one of the most important parts of making your getaway as luxurious as can be. The atmosphere of your hotel, villa or apartment will determine whether or not you truly feel that sense of luxury and relaxation. Search for your ideal accommodation with Le Collectionist. With a comfortable bed and a great view, the rest of your vacation is sure to be the height of luxury.


Luxury isn’t necessarily about spending all your money on fancy restaurants and bars. Eat and drink what you like best, and you’ll feel pampered in no time!


Carrying too many suitcases can ruin even the most extravagant of vacations. Before you pack, write down how many days and nights you’ll be away from home and arrange your luggage to be as versatile as possible. You’re unlikely to need multiple pairs of shoes for a weekend getaway or three different shampoos for one week. Overlap pieces of clothing across multiple outfits and enjoy the freedom of not being burdened by bags.


Sometimes the point of a vacation is to see the sights or visit the tourist attractions. When the focus is on luxury, however, you don’t need to feel guilty for simply lounging around and enjoying the scenery. Take life at your own pace and see where the mood takes you. A strict itinerary may be fine for a busy city break, but luxury is more laid-back than that.


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