Amazing Snow Walk and Trick Art Museum I-CITY

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This happened quite long time ago, but didn’t manage to kick out my ass to post about this inside this poor little blog. Well, hello everybody! :]

This entry is all about the exciting and fun moments i had @ I City, Shah Alam.
I went to most interesting places (For me), and two of them are
1. Snow Walk
2. Trick Art Museum

First, for Snow Walk. It will cost you RM 30 something to enter, and my advise is please do bring you own glove, hat or snow cap if you need it and sock for sure. Not to forget, boot. If you do already have this do bring along. It will save your budget indeed.
Nothing much for Snow Walk, just dapat rasalah kesejukan yang amat bila dalam bilik besar yang semuanya dipenuhi dan diperbuat dari ais. Know, you really-really appreciate to be in a warm place. Trust me.

and here are some of the random photos i’ve taken ;

This is the rough view of I-City during night. Full with lights.

My favourite of all time, Trick Art Museum.
I found this so interesting yet, creative. 
It will only costs you RM5 to enter this and snap picture as may as you want.

Some of random photos;

Above are few of the photos been taken. There are lot of paintings inside this. You should explore for at least once in your life. 

That’s all for this entry, till then. 


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