Auntie Anne’s – Chili Topped Mini Pretzel

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When Auntie Anne’s comes to our mind, we always think of something sweet. 
Auntie Anne’s is one of my favourite — trying out not to miss its Almond Pretzel every time I passed over their outlets. Most of the time, you will noticed a long queue at most of their outlets, which shows that Auntie Anne’s is Malaysian favourite too (majority). 

Meeting up with your friends after watching good movies or taking a few minutes break in between long and tiring window shopping session is always the right time for you to sit and be delighted with warm and super tasty pretzel. Don’t you agree?

Renowned with its various delectable pretzels, Auntie Anne’s has finally introduced its new menu which is Chili Topped Mini Pretzel, a version of pretzel dog added with salsa sauce and with some cheese on top to make it more appetizing for those who loves spicy taste.
MY REVIEW: The introduction of Chili Topped Mini Pretzel in Malaysian market is a brilliant idea where they acknowledged most Malaysians love to eat spicy foods. The salsa sauce taste almost similar to BBQ sauce. It was good but I prefer to have their almond pretzel. Hehe!

Chili Topped Mini Pretzel is now available at Auntie Anne’s outlets. Try them out! CLICK HERE to find out more about Auntie Anne’s Malaysia and don’t forget to follow their INSTAGRAM account — to get updated with their latest promotion and event. #AuntieAnnesMY

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