Awesome things to experience at the Universal Studios Singapore this Christmas and New Year!

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The radio starts tuning in catchy melodies that make you dance to the beat, living rooms are full of decorations, trees and balls, and the streets are lit with bright lights. Indeed, December is the most festive month of the year with Christmas approaching soon.
What does that mean? The celebration!

From illuminating lights to joyous musical performances, cherish the wonderful spirit of Christmas Festival at Universal Studios Singapore as many magical Christmas experiences await commencing from 1st of December until 1st of January 2018.

Fret not, visitors from all walks of life are entitled to enjoy the vibe of Christmas as part of the year-end celebrations. This year, Resorts World Sentosa takes charge of making the new lens of the image for Christmas to be full of astonishments and wonders ranging from wonderful multimedia light shows, spectacular fireworks, enthusiastic performances, as well as gigantic Christmas tree. But wait, that’s only a quarter of the attractions.

Enjoy Oscar’s Grouchmas at Pantages Hollywood Theatre

More than just a Christmas tree and shining lights, visitors can expect to enjoy an Oscar’s Grouchmas at Pantages Hollywood Theatre that follows the story of Oscar as he transforms from a Christmas grouch to the holiday’s fan through an unexpected journey. The idea behind this theatre is to explore the truest significance of Christmas and the elation of giving, love, and kindness.

What’s more? Sesame friends Elmo and Cookie Monster will add more joy to the show to enchant the audience.

Get a sight of New York & Hollywood Zones’ Snowy Sleigh Ride and Santa’s Christmas Tree House

Christmas is a lot more interesting with Santa’s snowy sleigh ride with his magnificent reindeer as they tender cheerfulness and snowfall along the streets in New York. 

Not only that, the marching band, groups of elves and toy soldiers for a merry photo moment set against a glimmering Santa’s Christmas Tree House will let you immerse into the feeling at Hollywood zones. Also at Hollywood zones, visitors can spot the historical characters like Charlie Chaplin, Gru and the Minions from Descipable me.

Be the new Elf at Santa’s Workshop!

Wanna meet Santa? Perhaps Santa’s Workshop should be your next destination as it makes everything content with the jolly man recruiting new elves to help him prepare for the holiday times. Dive into a journey with the Lead Elf to finish all the missions at 5 exciting stations! 

Be prepared to help the elf look for a missing letter, assemble a part of robot’s tool, assist Mrs Claus at her kitchen, and more! Finally, meet the Santa and say your wish to him. He will approve you as a new Elf.

Wait! The Christmas fun doesn’t end here. 

Transformers: 3D Battle

Embark on a journey with Transformers: 3D Battle where each visitor gets to experience hyper-realistic 3D thrill ride, in the middle act of incredible Transformer’s world. A word of advice, any guests who are prone to motion sickness and dizziness should not have a ride.

Puss in Boots Dance at Far Far Away 

Meanwhile at Far Far Away, join Puss in Boots in the Dance for the Magic Christmas Beans for an eggclusive meet and greet with Humpty Dumpty. 

Battlestar Galactica: Human vs Cylon

What else? Head over to Battlestar Galactica: Human vs Cylon, the world’s tallest roller coasters if you need more thrills. The roller coaster is designed after the hit television series, Battlestar Galactica, intertwined coasters which offer a ‘nerve-wrecking’ adventure as you twist, turn, and drop!

Precaution: As they are high-speed turbulent roller-coasters, potential riders must be in a good physical health condition. For safety purpose, guests under 125 cm may not be able to ride.

Where to eat?

After so many thrilling rides and adventures, your tummy might be howling for some food. Worry not, KT’s Grill restaurant can help eliminate the starvation away. Built with a concept of English style like it’s 1940’s décor, this eatery provides classic menus perfect for the western-mouth such as Fish and Chips, New York Tower Burger, and Mushroom soup.

Please do identify yourself and let the staff know your dietary requirements – halal, no-pork or non-alcoholic dish requests. Below are the lists of ideal meals for Muslim travellers:

Caesar Salad – to inform without bacon bits
Spring Harvest Salad (Choice: Shrimp)
Soup of the day


Fish and Chips
Pasta Linguine Treat (Choice: Shrimp or Vegetarian) Sauce Cream or Tomato

Kid’s Meal
Kid’s Fish and Chips
Kid’s Meatball Pasta

New York Cheesecake
Molten Chocolate Cake
Oreo Mud Pie

Bar Snacks
Garlic Bread
Truffle Fries

Side note

A Universal Christmas is included with regular admission to Universal Studios Singapore. Singapore residents enjoy discounts on admission at only S$72 for an adult one-day ticket (U.P. S$76).

Guests who wish to enter the park after 5pm to experience the festivities enjoy discounted admission at S$55 (adult), S$50 (child) and S$98 (1 adult & 1 child). For more information visit


  1. Just came back from RW Sentosa yesterday but only managed to take few shots near the UNIVERSAL globe due to time constraint. Will definitely be back and experience all of them! 😀

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