Comfort Cabin Boutique Hostel Alor – ideal stay for backpackers travelling to Kuala Lumpur

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In March 2018, I was privileged to witness the official grand opening of the newly-opened stay in Kuala Lumpur called Comfort Cabin Alor (CCA). It is a boutique hostel strategically located at the heart of Kuala Lumpur or popularly known as the Golden Triangle of Kuala Lumpur City Center.

Travelling has been a rapidly-growing culture among people especially the younger generation. We have a myriad of alternatives or ways to travel the world be it luxury, mid-range or budget. That’s all depending on their preference and of course budget. Accommodation, for instance, some travellers wouldn’t mind investing more for fancy hotels while some just simply choose a stay that offers a low-priced rate.

In my case, I don’t have a fixed preference when it comes to accommodation. As long as it is clean, comfortable and safe place to rest then I’m fine with it. If the trip requires me to stay outside almost the whole day, then hostel or mid-range hotel will be my choice.

If you have the same preference as mine and will be travelling to Kuala Lumpur soon? This article might be helpful for you to choose your stay while being in the city. Read on to find out some of the highlights of Comfort Cabin Alor.


CCA is conveniently located in the bustling Bukit Bintang area making it as an ideal location for those who are into a nightlife and culinary.

It is just a few meters away from several popular bars and cafés as well as Kuala Lumpur shopping spots including KLCC (2.2km), Pavilion (1.6km), Lot 10 (1.4km) and Lowyat Plaza (700m).

NOTE:  If you love durian or curious to know more about this king of Malaysian’s fruits, check out AlorCity Durian. This new attraction is expected to open for public soon.


This property is targeting younger travellers particularly from Asia and Europe. CCA offers 12 private and shared rooms comprising 44 basic cabin beds and six wooden cabin accommodation. All are equipped with premium beddings, air coditioning and of course individual lockers. The rooms will allow guests to enjoy a greater privacy during their stay.

Room types:
1. Single Basic Cabin (Occupancy: 1 pax).
2. Wooden Cabin (Occupancy: up to 4 beds per room).
3. Basic Cabin (Occupancy: 1 up to 8 beds per room).

Rates starting from RM40/night and are subject to change without prior notice.


Guests can enjoy some complimentary facilities including the 24-hour front desk operator, LED TV, water dispenser and electronic safety door lock.

What about WiFi connection?
Don’t worry. It is a part of our travel essentials. CCA offers a complimentary access to free high-speed Internet for guest to stay connected while staying at the property.

On top of that, there is also a social space for guests to mingle with others while enjoying their food or drink.

All in all, it is an ideal accommodation for a traveller who has a small budget but still prefer comfort and convenient. Check out to find out more!


  1. I was at this place last week. This is such a joy as a place for food! I had a beautiful time at event locations here. It reminded me of another center in the city. A beautiful, wonderful place that had excellent atmosphere.

  2. menarik juga kalau untuk seorang traveller or backpacker . singgah tidoq sini…. kalau family bawa budak kecik mungkin kurang sesuai kot. mungkin one day i boleh try sini hehehehe.. kalau smpai lar

  3. I love this kind of hostels. The concept of originality with the bare bricks and unpainted walls are something that look really nice and blend well with all the beds. I think I would love this hostel!

  4. menarek serius, rs mcm nk gatal2 pergi overnight KL n act like a tourist LOL concept backpack and yey "urban" design mcm ni memang i suke hahahha instagrammable sgt!

  5. Wow i taktau even duduk kl,boleh try ! Acah2 backpackers kan . Cant wait .tq for sharing this info

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