De Enclosed Dress by Asian Atelier

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Hello Fashionable Bloggers out there!
I’ve got something fresh to share with you guys out there. Buat pertama kalinya, blog ni menulis sesuatu yang berkaitan dengan Fashion atau Fesyen ( Tiada beza, cuma ejaan sahaja ).

Let me introduce the Head Designer for this Label. She’s Rin’z Basha.
For your information, this is new label. You guys can give em support. It will be launch at Plaza Damas, Kuala Lumpur on June 2011.

Also you can have a look this promo video, short promo video by them.
Should Watch this!

Promo Video via Syed Pharrel
Nice. is it?
There will be more upcoming collections from them

Wanna get any updates from them later?
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Page Description

Baju Kurung (pronounced: /ˈbɑːdʒu/ kuː,grʊŋ/) noun

Loosely translated as “Enclosed Dress”, this traditional Malay costume is the national dress of Malaysia, but the feminine ensemble is also customarily worn in Indonesia, Brunei, Singapore and Thailand. This demure ladies’ garment usually comprises a collarless blouse and a one-piece skirt.
To Sis, All the best for you! Nice work too 🙂
People, let support this! 🙂

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