Dinner Buffet at Wembley Cafe

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I shared few things about St Giles Wembley Hotel in my previous blog post. This time, it will be more like free-and-easy entry and i’ll be writing about my dinner experience at Wembley Cafe. Continue scrolling if you wish to see what this luxury hotel’s cafe has to offer. Ready to be spoiled by the foods? 

Located at Level 2, this café offers a various selection of delectable foods from local, Asian and Western cuisine. This café will give you 24 hours dining experience. 
Prepare to be spoilt for choice of our exquisite spread of local and international delights all day long

Back from a tiring day with lot of fun activities, surely this would be the perfect time and place for us to indulge with some food served at Wembley Cafe. You can make a reservation via their official website or simply call or email them. 
Truly amazed with the huge crowd during my visit — saw big families gathering. Well, at least I know that this is one of the best place to spend a quality time with your loved ones. 
Lets take a look what Wembley Café has to offer 

You are free to make your own Pasembor, a Malaysian salad often called as Rojak Mamak. I love the kuah as it is full of taste (read: spicy). Pasembor is one of the must-try food when you are in Penang. 

Penang Rojak 



Fruit jelly

Broiled Flank Steak with Szechuan Sauce
Fried Prawn with Sweet & Spicy Sauce
Grilled Grouper Fillet with Mushroom Soy Sauce
BBQ Leg of Lamb Special Pepper Sauce
Chicken Rice

Selection of cheese

Traditional Kuih

Yoghurt drinks
Selection of ice creams

Make your own Cendol
Indeed, I was drooled by most of the foods they presented and some of them are remarkably delicious. Yes! I spoilt myself by trying almost all of them.
The sushis was just nice — But I would prefer the one that we had at the specialised sushi restaurant. 
Broiled flank steak and fried rice 

Japanese soba — one of my fav!
Penang Rojak — the kuah was good!
Some desserts to end up my dinner session
Good: Yes, Wembley Café had wide selection of cuisines for you. For at least, you will not miss your hometown that much because they served local, Asian and Western cuisines. 
Need to be Improved: Hygiene. Based on my experience, I saw the eating utensils (spoon & fork) were not in superbly clean condition. But I’m sure they will work on it soon. 
To find out more about the hotel and Wembley Café, kindly visit their official website HERE

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