Discover SENDAI Photo Contest 2018

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Have you ever heard about Sendai? 

When we talk about Japan, Tokyo, Hokkaido, Kyoto and Osaka always on top of our mind but most of us did not know that this country has more than just the mentioned cities. If you are looking for a new place or destination in Japan that is still not discovered by most foreign travellers, Sendai is definitely one of the cities that you should pay attention to.

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Situated in Miyagi Prefecture, Sendai is the capital city of this prefecture and also considered the largest city in the Tohoku region. This city boasts an interesting list of things and places to visit including onsen (hot spring), museum, nature and parks, shopping spots, vibrant night life and of course cool festivals and events every year!

If you or your friends and families are planning to visit Sendai in the near future, Discover Sendai has announced their photo contest that offers cool prizes for the winners from other countries including Malaysia. Well, this is your chance to grab it!

 Discover Sendai Photo Contest 

Discover SENDAI photo contest (#discover_sendai) is an Instagram photo contest for foreigners held  by Sendai City in search of undiscovered beauty and attractions of Sendai.

You can uncover Sendai with your lens! It may not be famous landmarks nor well-known sightseeing spots. It can be whatever that makes Sendai attractive to you. Unique pictures that aren’t found on tourism pamphlets or guidebooks are more than welcomed.

Entry period:
August 6 (Monday) – October 31 (Wednesday Midnight – Japan time) 2018


1. Natural Scenery (#sendai_view)

2. Townscape (#sendai_city)
3. Sendai Snap (#sendai_snap)

 How to participate 

Entry is simple. Just follow their official account (@discover_sendai) and post your entries on Instagram using the specified contest hashtags. Follow the steps below to send your entry: 
You must have an Instagram account and set it public. 
Follow the official ‘Discover SENDAI photo contest’ account (@discover_sendai). 
Take a photo and upload it to Instagram, including the mentioned hashtags: 
a. #discover_sendai
b. Theme #sendai_view / #sendai_city or #sendai_snap
c. Location. For example, #akiuonsen, #kokubuncho etc. 
d. Home country. For example, #Malaysia, #USA, #Indonesia etc.

 How to participate 

Numerous prizes await you. There are Top Prize, Judge’s Pick Award and Most Unique Entry Award!

 Terms & Conditions 

1. Please note that competition entries may be published, reprinted or subjected to transmission rights indefinitely and without compensation by Sendai City for promotional purposes etc. Applicants are requested not to claim rights based on personal ownership of the photos to Sendai City.

2. In regard to the above mentioned uses, competition entries may be subject to editing/alteration such as trimming, application of filters and effects and use with music and sound effects, without seeking consent of the applicant.
3. Applicants retain ownership of all copyrighted written material. Moreover, prior permission from the rightful beneficiary is assumed in regard to use of portraits, including secondary uses described in the entry guidelines.
If you would like to know more about this contest, simply visit Wishing you all the best, folks! 

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