Enjoying a selection of seafoods at Shell Out, Kota Damansara

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While everyone was busy celebrating Maulidur Rasul and Christmas at their hometown, we were busy looking for a restaurant to indulge with seafoods, super rich and mouth watering seafoods. 
Therefore, we chose to dine at Shell Out, a renowned seafood restaurant which is located at Kota Damansara, Petaling Jaya

I frequently passed by Shell Out every time I went to Sunway Giza Mall (to buy fruits or essential things there) and when I glanced through their exterior decorations, my mind automatically said “This restaurant looks interesting and should we dine in and try their menus?”

This restaurant receives many customers that I believe it automatically gives a good source of attraction for people to come in and try the foods. Well, Shell Out is now all over the social media hence explaining you that you should come and dine in here, somehow, is less necessary.

Known as a place that ‘customers would not have to shell out too much cash to enjoy ocean’s bounty‘, this restaurants gives you a great opportunity to enjoy their foods at great ambiance and interesting conceptual set ups – nautical ornamentation of fishing nets, shellfish-themed wall artwork. 
As compared to previous time which is clean and neat, currently there were notes and doodles made by the customers all over the wall which I personally noticed it as interestingly messy though sometimes I lose my focus on the foods and endlessly reading what have been written on the wall. 
Note: You can request a marker pen from the staff if you wish to doodle on the wall.

For me, it was first of its kind hence I managed to get few shots of the wall. What do you think? It is acceptably creative or just…..? Forget it.

Okay, lets just stop talking about the decorations and come we explore together the foods lah!

We spent quite a while browsing through their menu even though the menu was just simple and straight forward. You just find whatever you want and place your order. As simple as that.

Several steps are needed in order to place your order – first you may choose ‘What’s your catch?’ which means the entrée and the most recommended menus were Crab (based on market price), Crawfish (RM50.90/500g, RM98.90/1kg), Green mussel (RM31.90/8pcs) and Giant Scallop (RM29.90/6pcs). These were listed as recommended one but you can definitely try the others.

Next is you need to pick your sensation which is your sambal or sauce. There are three options for your sensation which are Original, Malaysia Style and of course no sauce. You may also choose you preferred level of spiciness starting from mild, medium and OMG.

Well, I guess medium is just nice!

You may order an add-on menu such as broccoli, corn on cob, potato and sausage. If it is not enough, plus it with fried menus such as chicken wings, silver pomfret and sweet potatoes.

Photo above: The eating essentials. You’ll definitely gets dirty and messy while eating seafoods especially crab. The messier you get, the more it shows you enjoyed it.

Me and Lutfi, together on a challenge to finish up the foods we have ordered. Who will be the winner? No, i’m out of any privilege because i’m not a fan of seafood (exception is given to fried seafood).

So, what we ordered for our so called dinch (dinner and late lunch)?

A bottle of V-Soy (4.50) – we rarely order a drink but in this case, we need to order at least one because its gonna be super hot and spicy. RM4.50 for a bottle of soya drink is quite unacceptable but hello! We’re in 2015. Remember? LOL
As usual, the side dishes will be served before the entrée. So, we ordered Calamari Rings (on the menu, it is baby octopus) for RM13.90. Worth the price, it tastes so good. One is not enough and perhaps you should order two or three.

Next is the Sweet Potato Fries (RM9.90) – two words, pretty inviting!

This is how you enjoy your foods at Shell Out – no plate is needed. They just placed a plastic paper on the table and there you go – foods are served on the paper, you can put your sauces on top of it.

Somehow, it is fun to have our meal in this way!

Soft shell crab is always my favourite but here at Shell Out, the soft shell crab doesn’t up to my expectation. Something wrong with the taste hence it was just a disappointment. It costs RM13.90. Wish to taste a better version of soft shell crab.

Forget about the soft shell crab. There goes our entrée, the one that we have been waiting for. We ordered Crawfish 500g (RM50.90) and Octopus/20pcs (RM22.90). The crawfish was so damn good but I don’t really enjoy it. It was my first time eating crawfish and my mind keep on telling “I should’ve ordered prawn or crab instead of crawfish”. However, reading on the comments given by the customers, crawfish was one of the best that Shell Out has to offer. Well, you should try!

Meanwhile, the octopus was good. I enjoyed it! Thanks to the original sambal that we chose, it was helpful for me to eat the crawfish (only few) and the rest were given to Lutfi. LOL

While some prefer to eat the seafoods with rice (highly recommended), we decided to try on their garlic bread/6pcs (RM9.90). I must say the garlic bread tastes so good, even though it was less crunchy but the taste did the justice.

I had my great experience trying out what Shell Out has to offer. As you walked into the restaurant, you’ll be warmly greeted by the staffs and of course each of them is indeed helpful and provides such great service. That is one of the reasons I will definitely come again. Mouth watering foods and good services from them, worth another visits! 
One more important thing, Shell Out is always fully occupied hence i’m not recommending you to come over during peak hours (unless you did an early reservation with them) or else you’ll end up grumpy while waiting for your turn (which may take longer time). We’re just lucky that we went during christmas, where most peoples are feasting at their home. Phew. 
Address: Jalan PJU 5/15, Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Phone: 012-971-5688 / 03-7497-1137
Hours: Mon-Thurs (11:30 – 22:00), Fri-Sat (11:30 – 23:00) and Sun (11:30 – 22:00)
Website: Facebook Page CLICK HERE


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    Yup. Memang tidak dapat dinafikan bahawa makanan-makanan dekat Shell Out ni menepati citarasa setiap penggemar makanan laut. Kena cuba! 😉

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