Experience Staying at Bhainsrogarh Fort in Rajasthan, India

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I have travelled to India multiple times and my second visit here was undeniably one of my incredible journeys. This country possesses a strong value that has become the main reason why most travelers who are in the look of a unique experience making their way to this country.

India has more than just Taj Mahal and Ganges River. On my second visit, I ventured to Rajasthan known as the jewel in India’s crown to experience one of the state’s gems.

After nearly 4-hour drive from Jaipur, the driver, Nawal, told me that we have arrived in Kota and when I look through the window, the sparkling Chambal River accompanied with a stunning sunset gradient came into my view and further a few metres away, there is Bhainsrogarh fort dramatically perched at top of the 200ft rocky ridge, the hidden jewel that I am about to unveil.


Situated south-west of Kota and positioned between two rivers, the Chambal and Bamani, Bhainsrogarh is an ancient fort that holds a significant history of the kingdom of Mewar.

The view you will see once approaching Bhainsrogarh Fort

This fort was built in 1740s by Rawat (or lord) Lal Singh initially serves as a fortify outpost and currently has become a royal heritage hotel owned by Rawat Shiv Charan Singh, who is the present Rawat of Bhainsrorgarh.

Main area, after you passed the entrance to this fort

There are so many spots to unwind while admiring the view

In line with the royal family’s effort in bringing back the history that is in the brink of being forgotten, this fort has been converted into an accommodation luring guests with its old-world charms, unique ambiance, obliging staff and spectacular views that making it as an ideal spot to unwind in rural Rajasthan and indulge in the atmosphere of times gone by.


Since 2006, some parts of the fort have been gradually restored and began to receive local and international guests. This fort boasts with nine rooms comprising five suites and four deluxe rooms that still retain the charm of their glorious years.

Mewar Suite – one of the valuable suites in Bhainsrogarh Fort

The thing I like about this property is that each room exuding its own charisma – distinctive room layout, interior and of course view. My personal favourite would be Bhainsrorgarh Suite that has the largest balcony overlooking the river as well as furnished with classic furnishings and spacious bathroom area.

The feeling of staying in this suite was incomparable and frankly breathtaking.

Mewar Suite – Hallway and bathroom area

Room balcony in Bhainsrogarh Suite

Interestingly, I was told by the staff that one of the suites in Bhainsrorgarh Fort used to be the bedroom of Rawat Shiv Charan Singh for over 50 years and it is currently open exclusively for guests to experience sleeping like a royal. It is quite uncommon for a royal family letting their room to accommodate outsiders and this is done with hope that people will appreciate this jewel and its histories more.

Special area to relax, reading or do anything you love

Some of the windows around the hallway had tiny patterns of coloured glass and with the sunlight streaming in created such magical effect. I was able sense the warm connection with the family as I stroll along the lobby between the suites and found some game trophies, old photographs of the royal family as well as some of the owner’s personal collections showcased in a room.


If you wish to sample an authentic local Rajasthani cuisine, Bhainsrorgarh Fort is certainly a place for you. The meals served here are exceptionally appetizing prepared by using the recipes that have been handed down from previous generations.

Myriad menus served for breakfast
Tasty dinner served at the pavillion terrace 

I sampled an assortment of dishes throughout my stay and were fully delighted with strong taste and aroma of the traditional herbs complementing my passion towards Indian cuisine.

Pavillion terrace located at the top of the fort overlooking majestic view of Chambal River

There are various dining options for guests to enjoy their meal, either in the room or on the roof terrace with a scenic view of the river, which is highly recommended.

Out and about

Grab the chance to feel the family touch in the hotel during your stay.

According to Hemendra Singh, the younger son of the owner, the plus point of this property is guests can have their opportunity to interact with the host. He added that they usually gauge who wants to spend time with them. On top of that, the staff here are warm, eager and aim to please. Most of them are the locals from the villages nearby and area able to speak in English.

Image via Bhainsrogarh Fort

There is an array of activities to fill up your schedule during your stay at Bhainsrorgarh Fort. If you are lucky, you could get on sunset safari drives to Bhil villages hosted by Hemendra or his brother to experience the local lifestyle.

Image via Bhainsrogarh Fort

Other activities include a boat safari cruise on the serene Chambal River with a breathtaking landscape view and picnic trip on an island in the river.

Scenic view of Chambal River from one of the rooms’ balcony

My stay in Bhainsrorgarh Fort was undoubtedly one of the unforgettable experiences I have ever had. Never in my life imagining myself to sleep in a fort that is previously served for military purposes during the past times.

If you are a type of traveller who are into something unique, do consider yourself to experience Bhainsrorgarh Fort hospitality when being in Kota, Rajasthan. Check out their official website to find out more. 


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