Fly your Christmas at Flying Through Time theatre

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Christmas is indeed the perfect time to foster a better relationship with our family members and our loved ones. 
The joy and laugh that we share together can surely wash the sadness away. So, if you want a ball of time to crack into laughter with your loved ones, be the audience at a theatre: Flying Through Time! It’s a combination of many performances that features comedy and sports including cheerleading, gymnastics, martial arts, and taekwondo played by former national athletes.

Starring a Singapore local celebrity, Joshua Tan and Melody Low, the show is also acted by a number of international casts from China, Malaysia, Mongolia, South Korea, and Taiwan along with competent sportsmen

As I’ve watched the show, I can tell you that it promises every audience with fun-filled entertainment you may never experience before.

What is it that makes this theatre so unique? 

Flying Through Time revolves around a protagonist by the name of Tiger who is a warrior in pursuit of villainous Dark X who caused the death of Tiger’s sweetheart, Melly. For the most part, the show is about a tale of good winning over evil and how love overpowers everything.
Throughout the story, Tiger travelled through time and space from ancient Korea to modern Singapore to reclaim the Great Magic Rod, a legendary relic containing superpowers. Pursuing Dark X who went into warp channel, those players set their spot at MerTiger Academy in Singapore’s Sentosa Island where they bumped into the varsity’s cheerleading team. 
Dark X, in an attempt to destroy the cheerleading team into monsters, used the Great Magic Rod but failed as Tiger shunned the attack. As the story goes, Tiger fell in love with one of the cheerleading girls after shedding her weight and resembled the look of Melly.

Flying Through Time also marks the very first collaboration between Resorts World Sentosa and a few local institutions such as Nanyang Polytechnic and Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in an effort to invent theatrical elements made to enthral the audience

Show period and ticket price

The show is now available at Resorts World Theatre commencing from 9 December 2017, Saturday, up until 21 January 2018, for a total of 36 shows. Visitors can also purchase the ticket now with a price starting at 38SGD only. Visit their official website to find out more!


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