Fun yet Exciting Skytrex, Shah Alam

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Greetings! I know its been a while since the last time i wrote for this blog. Oh my, i can’t really find my free and very in-the-mood time to write something. Yeah, i do have a lot of things to share with you guys here, since i am currently waiting for my degree offers. Walaaaa! Hope each of you are doing just fine. 

In this entry, i am keen to share something with you guys which i had experienced it quite long time ago but only today which is now i encourage myself to write about it. Pathetic much uh? LOL 

Yeah, i’ve been to Bukit Cerakah, Seksyen 9, Shah Alam for SkyTrex. Siapa kata Shah Alam tidak mempunyai tempat yang menarik untuk dikunjungi oleh warga-warga berdekatan? Siapa kata nak buat sesuatu kena pergi keluar dari Shah Alam since Shah Alam tak ada apa-apa? You’re WRONG.

Selain daripada i-City, which everyone dah tahu apa yang ada dekat i-City tu. Ada water theme park, ada taman, and more… Shah Alam juga ada Bukit Cerakah, which is ada pelbagai aktiviti yang anda semua boleh buat disana especially for weekend activities. Picnic, dating and more. End for introduction.
I went to SkyTrex with 4 of them Lutfi, Jiena, Hafiz and Halle.

All of them used to do these kind of activities. Its just me that did this for the first time. So to all of you whom never did this before, don’t worry. You can do it. There’s a practise session before you start the journey.

Some other random photos; 
(Also credit to Jiena for some photos)

The pictures below, we are so excited for the journey. LOL

Buat muka ala-ala happy & excited walaupun dalam hati sudah ada rasa risau. Risau tak dapat lepas the challenges. Malulah nanti kalau semput tengah-tengah jalan. 
Halle, Jiena and Hafiz at the almost the top of the tree.

Lutfi with his modelling-expression.
Aaaaah, we made it. Sempat lagi pose walaupun masing-masing dah agak penat lepas menghadapi satu demi satu cabaran.

I enjoyed doing this, i feel like i’m a monkey with freedom. LOL

Other random photos that don’t really need a caption i guess;

Lutfi’s on action. 
Halle’s pose.


Me, Halle and Lutfi. 
Me and Lutfi.
The poses after we have done with all of the challenges.

We did it! 
We took like almost 3 hours to do all the challenges. From 1 pm to 4 pm.

What i say? 
Well, for me this is quite new and yet so interesting. As a firs timer, it was quite difficult sebenarnya and indirectly i learned something that “When we start doing something, there is no turning back. Unless, you are ready to accept the drastic changes in your life”. The moment kita start cabaran pertama, tidak ada jalan patah balik atau apa. Sama ada suka atau tidak, kena teruskan. Kepada mereka yang kurang berkeyakinan pada diri sendiri, i suggest you to come here. It helps a bit on how to fight a fear in yourself. Penat memang penat but it was fun. Some more, sudah penat bekerja menghadap suasana sibuk dan sebagainyam why not pergi ke sini untuk tenangkan minda. You can see a lot of green plants here. 

How much? How to get there? What are the other challenges?
Before that, the one that i did was Extreme Challenges. They are 3 challenges if i am not mistaken which is Little Adventure, Big Thrill and Extreme Challenges. There are two session which is in the morning 8 am and the second one is at the afternoon 1 pm. 

RATES; Little Adventure RM35 per person, Big Thrill RM45 per person, Extreme Challenge RM55 per person.

Here are some tips to first timer out there!
1. If you’re about to chose for the second session, i suggest you to wear a comfortable attire. Eg, protect your skin from the sunlight and etc.
2. Do bring sunblock cream if you’re afraid of losing your fair skin.
3. Shoe, most important thing. Don’t use fancy shoes, use suitable shoe. So that, its easy for you guys to do the challenges.
4. I don’t encourage you to bring a big bag, find a smaller one so its easy for you to carry it during the challenges. If you do bring a bigger one, you’re not allow to bring it.
5. Water, drink a lot of water and make sure you go to toilet before you start it. You know what i means. 

I think that’s all!

For more information, you can slightly visit SkyTrex official website.


  1. hello, saya baru nak pergi next month. waaaa gila best. tapi tengah fikir ni, nak amik yang mana satu… you amik extreme ke big trill?

  2. Salam. Wuyoo 3 jam ek buat benda ni, lama gila. Dah terasa dah kepenatannya tu, tp mesti puas gila bila dah berjaya habiskan! Sungguh best! Hahah~
    p/s : tgh2 camtu pun sempat bergaya ala model..hahah :p

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