Gogoprint & Hellosticker: Affordably-priced Online Printing Websites For You

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The technologies that we have right now have made our life easier, don’t you agree?

I have to admit that I prefer to do most things online. Read news (ugh, I like to read them in a physical newspaper actually but.. hmm), pay our monthly bills, order food, shopping and most things lah. Doing things online has made my life a lot easier & I save a lot of time.

As a content creator and freelance photographer, having these online printing platforms is just super helpful. We create, we design & let the printing company do the rest. Whether you’re looking for packaging, stickers, business cards, flyer printing, these three websites have the services that you’re looking for and they are priced affordably!


Some of you might have heard about Gogoprint before. I wrote one article about my experience printing business cards from them. All processes were done online. I only need to send the design and let them do the work. It was pretty efficient and I’m pretty satisfied with the quality. 

Currently, they are operating in three countries, which are Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia. What you can order from them? A lot from business cards, flyers or leaflets, wedding cards, packaging sleeves, and more. Prices are affordable and different based on the material. 

If you are unsure about the quality and their service, you can simply opt for their free samples.

The ordering process is pretty fast and convenient. Choose whether you want to upload your own design or you’d like to work with one of Gogoprint’s in-house designers.


Website | 03 7890 1374

1. hellosticker

Sticker lovers, I have good news for you. I understand that it can be quite daunting work to find the right place to print stickers. If you are a business owner, sticker helps to impress your customers. Whether you wish to print stickers for your product, business, journal, or fun, hellosticker provides the service you are looking for…. at affordable prices. And guess what, Hellosticker is also from the same brilliant minds behind Gogoprint. 

There are three options available which are sticker rolls, sticker sheets, and individual stickers. You can also choose the quality and materials that they offer. 

Sticker Roll: If you’re looking at printing bulk stickers for your business, then you should give sticker rolls a go. They are delivered in rolls that are easy to use and quick to apply.

Individual Sticker: These stickers are printed individually, and are available in different forms and shapes. They can be used for different purposes, depending on your needs! For instance, you can use car window stickers for your bumpers, and vinyl lettering stickers make it easy for you to add aesthetics on your storefront or for any promotional announcements.

Sheet Sticker: If you’re looking at printing bulk stickers for your business, then you should give sticker rolls a go. They are delivered in rolls that are easy to use and quick to apply.

The ordering process is simple and straightforward. You just need to pick the type, material, upload your artwork, confirm quantity and delivery date, and just wait for them to be delivered to your address.


Website | 03 7890 1374


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  • 09/21/2021

    Printing makes branding wonderful. Its help a lot on your marketing.


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