Hello April, i’m still here!

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Assalamualaikum to everyone. Yeah, its been a while right? I know. Been busy with things and yeah. Relationship too. Study busy, tak study pun busy juga. Haih, itulah nasib. Updates from me? Nothing much. I’m doing any jobs that come to me. Time? Ada. Tapi kadang-kadang tak ada. Now, dah masuk bulan April. Excited much? Yeah, a baby boy is coming to our family soon. Can’t wait! Mom and dad are coming to Shah Alam soon and yeah, am gonna have my special moments dring the end of April. Well, why shouldn’t i fall in love with April? Nay.

March? Yah. Lot of things yang aku lalui and pelajari. Banyak sangat dan rasanya kalau nak share memang tidak termampu la diri ini. Yang penting, i am happy to e with you (sempat lagi berjiwang sakan kan?) Biasalah tu, bukan selalu. Bhahahha. Hope you guys pun will have your own great times! I pray for it.

Well, till then. I just found an app from iOs for Blogger. It’s easier for me to post something straight away from this phone. Easy and simple yet fast. There are lot of things that i really really wants to share with you guys. So, stay tuned.


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