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Hi. Kini dah masuk minggu ke 5 untuk semester ni but still aku belum move on lagi untuk post benda yang dah berbulan-bulan berlalu. *facepalm*
So far, nothing much. Just busy with classes and personal activities. All i can say is the tasks that been given to us this semester are quite easy and even the subjects are awesome. Well, i guess the happiness is only for temporary because i’ll be having 5 papers this semester. (Mesti bebudak lain cakap “Eleh. Aku 10 paper pun relax je) *face palm*
I’ve been keep on writing about my hometown and i guess those are just the same posts on the different days. Well, i just love to catch all the moments when i was there (hometown) cause i know that once i reach Shah Alam, i’ll be missing the place so much especially my dearest family there.
Things that i’ll miss the most:

The beautiful waterfront. Perfect view. 

Meeting up with high school friends. Unfortunately, didn’t have the chance to meet them all. Masa betul-betul mencemburui aku.

Sayap ayam. Nyumm. Cukup! Usahlah dikau berbicara tentang makanan kerana ini hanya akan membuat diri anda menderita. 

Dinner best sampai tak ingat dunia. Bila balik Shah Alam, its time for ikat perut. 

The hardest part to do is to leave both of my beloved parents. Just so hard. 
Its okay, i’ll be seeing them again soon. 
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Agak ketinggalan juga sebenarnya. Hey! To all iPhone users, go download this apps now and start editing your videos and keep em entertain your followers (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and so on). This apps is just perfect and easy-to-use apps. Friendly to user for sure. 
Well, below is the video from my first attempt. LOL


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