Hotel in Kyoto – The Westin Miyako

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*gasping for air after seeing the beauty of Fushimi Inari*
Indeed, it was tiring and yet super fun exploring this popular attraction in Kyoto. My body feel extremely exhausted and the only thing that I need right now is … Food? No. Nothing else but a good time and place for me to rest. 
After my experience staying at Kanda Capsule Hotel, i’ll share my review while staying The Westin Miyako. I heard that this hotel is probably one of the best hotels in Kyoto. Is that true? *now i’m getting more excited*

With this complimentary hotel shuttle bus service, your journey here will be easier. The shuttle bus operates every 30 minutes (depending on the traffic condition). From hotel, the bus will stop at Gion (just to drop passengers) and then move to Kyoto Station.


Arrived at Kyoto Station, simply take Hachijo Exit and go to the entrance of this station. Find a place where there are lot of cabs and buses. There, you’ll see The Westin Miyako’s staff waiting for you with a sweet smile on their face. Ride this bus. Its free!
The short journey from Kyoto Station to hotel was indeed interesting where I had my chance to observe what this amazing city has to offer. I was amazed that most parts in Kyoto are clean. 
Back to topic. As we arrived at this amazing hotel, we were welcomed with a warm greeting by their front desk staffs. Even though some of them barely able to speak/understand English very well, they still have an optimum effort to serve their guests better. Salute.

The main lobby
Take a look at the design which is a combination between traditional and modern elements to make the interior looks stunning and elegant. 

Now, we got our room key. Wanna check those amazing rooms that The Westin Miyako has to offer? JOM

Since the rooms offered were so nice, I insist to write a special blog post just for a room review. Those two blog posts will be mainly written for the Japanese-Style Room and Luxury Suite Room. Less text and more picture? Definitely YES. 
Below are the sneak peek photos for both of rooms. 

Each of the room has its own unique value that I will definitely share in my next blog posts.


Aquablu is a sleek all-day dining restaurant. This vibrant restaurant is located at the second floor of the East wing. People can enjoy Western, Asian buffets and à la carte menus specially prepared by their talented chefs.

I managed to try their breakfast buffet – there are various choices of foods that you can enjoy. From an American-style to a local Kyoto-style. All are served for you. 

SuperFoodRx, healthy American-style breakfast – cereals and fresh milks. 
Fresh juices

Fresh fruits

What I love about this hotel is because of their “Muslim Friendly Menu“.
I thanked The Westin Kyoto for their concern towards Muslim guests. For breakfast buffet, this hotel reserved a small area to serve halal certified foods like chicken masala, rice, juice, pastry and more. Their chicken masala. 

Sushi section


Modern dining area

Super talented chef who will make your morning brighter – ask for sunny side up egg. Super nice

Same level as main lobby, you can also enjoy surfing Internet or print some document at their very humble business centre.
Fitness Studio

Indoor swimming pool

Outdoor swimming pool

The Westin Miyako is simply ideal for those who are looking for:-

1. Local attractions (some tourists attractions are nearby this hotel).
2. Historical landmarks and culture.
3. Relaxation (get closer with nature). 
4. Local food.


1. Concierge Desk.
2. Outdoor Tennis Court.
3. Sothys Skin Care Salon and Spa.
4. Trail and Wild Bird Sanctuary
5. Gardens.
6. Westin Executive Club Lounge.




What’s next?

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  • 10/02/2015

    very nice hotel.

  • 10/04/2015

    Salam, wow~ okay, sebenarnye aku pun tercari2 gak menu halal tu, nasibb ade..mmg terbaiklah hotel ni..semua dia ada..siap pengangkutan free tu yg best tu! 😀

  • 10/04/2015

    Wowowowowo hotel lagi lagi lagi dan lagi..yehaA jalan2 sokmo laa org g jln2..swimming pool tu best giler..jom makanan best pon ada..bilik cantik dan luas..seronok laaa tdoo sakan kat sini..hehehe akhirnya ambik gambar selfie ngan hp daaaa…enjoy cuti.


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