Indulge with an authentic Japanese stay at the Japanese-Style Room, The Westin Miyako

Sharing is caring! Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Email This is the moment that i’ve been waiting for.  One of my bucket lists is to sleep in…

This is the moment that i’ve been waiting for. 
One of my bucket lists is to sleep in Japanese traditional room. Put away those modern furnitures and lets dive into Japanese traditional environment. 

I didn’t know that The Westin Miyako has this special room for their guest. Deluxe Room, Suites Room, yeah that’s normal but this Japanese-Style Room is something new and super interesting. I’m looking forward for Japanese tables, bed on the floor, legless chairs and more.   

Located in the Togo Murano-designed Kasui-en Guesthouse (a little walk from the hotel main building), this Japanese-Style Room offers the exquisite simplicity of traditional Japanese décor in a peaceful environment surrounded by refreshing green trees (if you go during summer). 
This area will be rapidly changing according to the seasons in Japan. Different views for Winter, Summer, Autumn and Spring. Would definitely love to go during Autumn or Winter. 

Alright. I know each of you must be excited to see more. Lets go inside!

Each time, they will gracefully greet you and always ready to serve you as their special guest
So called lobby for guests to sit down and have a chit chat accompanied by beautiful garden views. 

As peaceful as it could be, wandering around the building really makes me feel like living in a traditional Japanese house. 
Uh! They got a special key for the Japanese-Style Room – a classic key

Now i’m entering the room!
Super comfortable Heavenly(SM) Futon for an optimum deep rest

low table with two large legless chairs – great place for dining and enjoy TV programs on the 40-inch TV. 


This calming wooden bathroom is complete with a natural cedar tub (feels like Japanese traditional onsen). An ideal space to pamper yourself after walking around Kyoto for the whole day.
Enjoy refreshing yourself with the complete bathroom amenities provided

Wear this Yukata provided for your own comfort. Instagrammable one – wear it and take some picture of you.
Complimentary drinks for their guest

Its good to wake up in the early morning and enjoy the bird sounds and scenic garden views. 

This probably one of my favourite thing about Japanese-Style Room

Can I bring back this Yukata? Okay, forget it. 


– 334-527 Square Feet
– Cedar Tub and Separate Shower
– Floor-to-Ceiling Garden Views
– Tatami Flooring
– Heavenly(SM) Futon
– Furnished Glassed-In Futon


Absolutely enjoyed my stay in this special Japanese-Style Room provided by The Westin Miyako. Each room reveals a unique layout where I personally can experience an authentic feeling being around in the Japanese traditional house. I can smell a real wood scent around this room.  All in all, it is a good stay where I had my good sleep here.
It is highly recommended.

CLICK HERE to read more about The Westin Miyako. 


  1. Salam, wahhh best gilaaa….paling best ruang tempat kau minum teh ke apa tu hah…mcm beranda kaca yg view dia sangatlahhh menyejukkan mata..jeleznya kau dapat pegi sini..hahah! mmg terbaik dan klasik… 😀

  2. Wahh jeless no tgk..walaupon tgk gambar je..huhu cantik bilik..nampak kemas dan teratur..sangat yukata..ok takelh bawak balik kan kan kan ..hehehe naper tak mintak beli satu ..

  3. Salam Kak Lya,

    Yeah. Sekadar berkongsi je yang kak. Hehehe. Best kan bilik dia? Unik betul. Kalau boleh bawa balik, dah lama rembat hehehe. Ada juga jual but agak mahal. Phew

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