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Hi, salam and good day everyone. For this entry, i would like to write a little bit about my experience when i visited National Monument (MONAS) in Jakarta, Indonesia. It was such a beautiful thing to know a bit about the history of another country. 
Unfortunately, the weather didn’t go very well for me to capture beautiful photos and i can tell all of you that the view is nice. Even nicer if it is a day that filled with sunlight. EVEN BETTER.
I took their public transport from Plaza Indonesia which is Transjakarta bus to the MONAS Bus Station. If you are about to take  a taxi, i would be better. It will only cost you around IDR 15,000. Ask the taxi driver to stop at front of the MONAS gate or else you’ll stop at the bust station which is right in front of the National Museum building. So, it would be easy for you to recognize which place that you need to stop. 
Approximately, it is around 1.7KM from Plaza Indonesia.

My first stop was National Museum which i just want to see some other historical artifacts and all. Too bad, they’re having a specific event which does not give me the chance to get inside into that museum. Anyway, i just have my chance to check out somewhere around that building which i couldn’t find any beautiful subject to capture. 
Below are the photos:

Feels like i’m sitting and taking a selfie right in front of the White House. 
I left that place with full of disappointment that i couldn’t have the chance to get inside that building. I moved to MONAS which i believe i will get something on that day. Beautiful pictures, perhaps. I decided to walk from the National Museum to MONAS and it took me around 15 to reach into the MONAS building. Kalau panas terik, memang meleleh jugalah peluh. Beware of your belongings when you’re walking along the road.

Walking through the MONAS

Walaaaa! This picture could be more interesting if the sunlight appear on that day. I was just unfortunate as i arrived there when it is about to rain. During that time, there are only few peoples visited this place so i can say that it’s the right time too. 
The unique building

Taking my chance to have a picture of myself right in front of the historical building in Jakarta. 
How about the entrance fee?
You will need to pay if you want to enter the MONAS building. So, it costed me IDR 10,000 (RM3) for the ticket which quite affordable as you may have the chance to access into the top of the building/observing level and also CAWAN. 
Anyway, they have the specific rates for the visitor. Which you can refer to the picture below. 
Remember, the highest price would be IDR 15,000 for the Adult. I don’t know if they can accept a student card that is from the other countries. If they accept our student card, then i will get cheaper rate. LOL

I finally got my ticket and let us explore what is inside of this building.
Thing that i love to see is they have the mock up or display to let the viewers or visitors have the idea about what are they reading (the history). Those display models are quite realistic and it gives you the feeling of being a witness to a specific event, during those years.



and the rest. I bet you wouldn’t read those history in here. Then you have to visit this place and experience it by yourself. For at least you know a bit about their histories.

The visitors are observing the models while reading the history on that screen in front of them
Besides that, you can walk and have a look around the MONAS building. There are lot of curved arts that you can take those as your subject for your picture. 

Dah puas jalan-jalan sekitar bangunan MONAS, now you have to access to the top of this building. It is basically the observing tower/level where you are able to see the almost the whole view of Jakarta. It has approximately around 33 levels (referring to what has been told by the tour guide there).

Queue to access the top level of this building. The lift is quite small where it can only fit with 11 peoples and that is why we need to queue before we can get to the top. For the pictures below, i assume that i don’t need to write about those pictures as each of it tells the clear stories. (Alasan malas nak taip)

and when you’re done, you’ll have to queue again to go down from where it starts. I just couldn’t imagine the crowd during any holidays or etc. So, i was quite lucky on that time. With just RM3, you can have an awesome experience for sure. If you want to go somewhere, kindly walk to the main gate and you can find lot of taxi(s) and buses to different locations.
That’s all for today. I’ll share more stories soon.

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