Just Like It! A Revolutionary F&B, One Utama

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Over the few months, i went to OU for a movie. Its been a while since my last time catching up with good movies. How i miss that. After my final exam, i’ll catch at least one movie to keep myself from being outdated. 
While waiting to collect the tickets, my eyes literally attracted to this one particular and small cafe with the smoky effects they made on the mixer. From my distance of view, i can tell that its an ice cream cafe. But just couldn’t think on that smoky thingy.

Its Just Like It! A Revolutionary F&B. I don’t have any ideas about the name but it was nice and yet so unique. I can tell that the concept of this cafe is very different from others. Also, the staffs are wearing a lab technician attire with that white coat thingy and all other chemistry instruments. 
Nice and catchy 
They are offering many kind of flavors. One of my fav is vanilla mint and durian. Durian? Sounds weird but i tell you the taste was so good. 

They also told something that we might want to know about them. So, it was 100% original huh.

Look at the staff while ‘inventing’ new taste of an ice cream.

I like it so much when they had that kind of doodle on their wall. 
Tadaaaaaa! My ice cream is done and ready to be served

I would give them 8/10 for the taste. It was not too sweet and just fit enough for our bud of taste. The texture is very smooth. 
Curious to see on how they made their ice cream? 
Hit the play button on this video and you might see it.

The range of their ice cream’s price is between RM 7.90 to RM 11.90
Still worth to try for at least once. 
Location: Right in-front of GSC Ticketing Counter – One Utama
Operation hours: 10am to 10pm

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